'Rick and Morty'; Where Do We Go Now?

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The ever-evolving series has returned with a season 4

'Rick and Morty'; Where Do We Go Now?

Any true fan of cartoon and animation, will quickly tell you that Rick and Morty has become one of their all time favourite animated shows.

From Season 1 through to Season 3 where we were thankfully introduced to a growing fan favourite...

Pickle Rick!

Now Season 4 has started to arrive... momentarily only on Adult Swim but will soon arrive in January 2020 to our Netflix screens in the UK.

What can we expect from the new season?

We have already witnessed some disturbing but entertaining viewing from Rick and Morty's previous seasons...

From the Masochist alien who loves nothing more than being hurt in order to become satisfied.

To Morty’s strangely empathetic relationship with a vengeful muscular arm, that decides to use Morty for his revenge.

To our introduction to another fan favourite.. Mr Meeseks, who's sole existence is to fulfil peoples wishes; this was not an easy task when helping Jerry to take two strokes off of his golf swing.

So what could possibly be next?

We have already had hints from previous seasons that the creators of Rick and Morty plan to make several seasons to fully explain or elaborate the story of Rick and Morty.

Rick would like to have us believe that he only cares about one person... himself but it has become abundantly clear throughout the seasons that that is simply not true.

Rick has sacrificed himself for Morty and Beth and several occasions, but in the world of Rick and Morty, it could just be another one of his clever ploys to make you believe he’s not completely self-centred.

Although Rick has got himself into some pickling situations, he has always managed to come out on top in nearly all of his dimensions in the end.

Will this continue through Season 4 and any other ongoing seasons?

I for one would be interested to see Morty come out on top for once... although this is unlikely but we have seen it briefly in a previous episode.

There is more depth to the ever fading, cowardly antics of Morty I am sure.

Whatever direction the shows writers decide to go, I am sure we will be sucked into the clever, confusing and down right addictive blackhole that is Rick and Morty.

Will Beth finally be recognised for the genius that she is? After all she is Rick's Daughter.

Will Jerry finally grow a pair and become the Man he and Beth have for so long wanted him to become?

Will Summer stop trying to fit into high school life and find her true meaning and personality?

Will Morty show more strengths like the we have witnessed in previous episodes? Or will he slowly turn into a mirror image of his already near identical Father?

And will Rick open up to the love his family have been trying to cascade over him?

Or will he forever be the genius idiot that we have all grown to love?

While the level of Rick's chaos is not clear, we can be sure that any future episodes will be as cool and addictive as the first.

No matter how much it hurts our brains to make sense of such an epic creation , we will always keep coming back for more.

If you didn’t know already, Season 4 started on Adult Swim on November 10th, 2019, and will continue to release an episode every week, until all 10 have shown, before it becomes available on E4 and Netflix in the UK.

If you haven’t watched this show yet, I highly recommend you start now... you won’t regret it.

If you're interested in watching this in video form instead, head over too YouTube to watch Uncertain Certainties, Rick and Morty; Where Do We Go from Here?

I have put the link below for you. The likes, comments and subscription would be highly appreciated.

Kayleigh Taylor
Kayleigh Taylor
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