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Recapping the MCU

Phase 3

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

Phase two had a lot more important information than Phase one did so hopefully those broad strokes were enough. I know this is a longer video but the MCU really exploded in phase 3. We added a lot of new characters and furthered a lot of team storylines so let's dive right in.

Kicking off phase 3 we have Captain America Civil War, the internet loves debating this movie but Steve was right in the accords and in not telling Tony that his broken, brainwashed best friend killed his parents. It was never Steve’s responsibility to tell him, his responsibility is and has always been to Bucky let's not act otherwise. Natasha had the same information that Steve did yet she is never blamed for not telling Tony and she definitely did not have the same relationship with Bucky that Steve does so why didn’t she tell him? Also this came out when Nat aired all of Hydra’s dirty laundry. If Tony really gave a shit he would have read through the documents and found out himself, so not Steve shouldn’t have told him anything.

Next in phase 3 we have Doctor Strange, a relatively terrible adaptation of comic book source material but a decent enough stand alone movie. The only relevant thing that we get out of it is that Doctor Strange now exists in the MCU, that really proves to do nothing but make all the characters worse but we’ll get to that later.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2, honestly if you have time to watch the Guardians movies you absolutely should. James Gunn filled those movies with humor and heart in equal measure and I know Chris Pratt is the worst Chris but unfortunately he is so damn talented and he shines in that movie. You also get some background into the more cosmic areas of the MCU, like what Eternals are.

Spider-Man Homecoming was so good. Honestly MCU Spiderman is amazing ignore all the haters. We establish the friendship between Peter and MJ, and Peter and Ned. We also get a really great mentorship between Peter and Tony and having him get that father figure interaction is really great character development for the both of them.

Thor: Ragnarök, now this movie is incredible on its own. We get both Thor and Loki dealing with the death of their father, becoming brothers and friends again as well as coming up against Hela, their sister and growing into their power. We also get introduced to Valkyrie and we get to see Bruce Banner start to come to terms with the Hulk and how to balance his two sides.

Black Panther was very classic. The hero and the villain want the same thing; they just have very different ways of getting there. I think Kilmonger was one of the MCU’s best “villains” air quotes because I think the term anti-hero or antagonist is more accurate. It was beautiful visually and I’ll watch Lupita in literally anything. This is a must watch for sure.

Infinity War, so obviously a lot went down in this one. Our heroes got into an all out war with Thanos and his minions. They could not stop him from getting all of the Infinity Stones. Wanda proved that she is more powerful than the stones individually, but Vision died anyway, Thanos snapped his fingers and our heroes got dusted, half of them anyway. Leaving the OG 6 with a massive gap in their hearts due to not being able to protect their loved ones.

Captain Marvel, a good movie despite what dude-bros on the internet say. Carol overcomes what she was told to be. Brainwashed for all of her superpowered life she grows to respect and acknowledge her power. She is going to be a bigger part of the MCU going forward so watch and enjoy.

Endgame was the perfect finish to 10 years of build. It called back to every movie before it, centered on the original 6 Avengers and allowed the audience to get excited for new characters while grieving the old ones. Wanda could have taken Thanos all by herself and she in fact did. He had to sacrifice his army in order to save himself. And it didn’t work. Tony finally redeems himself by taking the stones from Thanos and snapping himself, getting rid of Thanos’ army and evidently killing himself.

Spider-Man Far From Home is basically the audiences and the in fiction characters attempting to say goodbye to not just Iron Man but also the original era of the MCU. We get Mysterio who reveals Peter’s identity.

That’s all the big stuff everyone as always if you have specific questions, leave them below and I will be happy to answer them!

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