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Ranking the Madrigal’s Gifts in Encanto

8 members of the family were granted gifts from the miracle candle

By AnniePublished about a year ago 6 min read
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Disney's latest release is a movie called Encanto, a story about a family gifted with a miracle. This miracle not only brings their house to life but also gives each member of Abuela's bloodline a magic power. However, the main character, Mirabel, is not given a gift and spends the entirety of the movie trying to save the magic after it appears to start weakening.

There are 8 members of the family who are given gifts. While some are practical, others are cool to have and not necessarily useful. Here is a ranking of each of their powers based on both practicality and their cool factor.

**Disclaimer** This list excludes Abuela and Mirabel.

8. Pepa - Changes Weather With Mood

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Practical: 1/10

Cool: 3/10

Overall: 4/20

Out of all of the gifts, this is one that I would not want to have at all. Not only would it create constant pressure to always be in a good mood, but everyone around you would know how you're feeling at all times. Pepa can never catch a break from experiencing the consequences of feeling emotion and can't ever hide how she is truly feeling.

Being able to control the weather is a cool ability. For example, if the town was in a drought, making it rain could help crops grow. However, because it is based on emotion, Pepa would have to be feeling sad to save the town's crops. And that's just sad. Plus, she would be contributing to the drought if she was constantly feeling happy causing the lack of rain.

7. Isabela - Growing Plants

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Practical: 3/10

Cool: 4/10

Overall: 7/20

Growing flowers isn't practical unless it is for aesthetic purposes. However, I added a few points to practicality to account for Isabela's character growth (no pun intended). As she had the realization she didn't need to be perfect, she began growing other things like trees and cacti that could be more of use in the environment. Plus, vines are helpful when it comes to climbing.

Her power's cool rating is based on the variety of plants she can choose from and how she can plant-based design decorations in any way she wants. Nature looks pretty and vines are also super practical.

6. Antonio - Talking to Animals

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Practical: 4/10

Cool: 7/10

Overall: 11/20

You can ask the birds to send a message or have a horse give you free transportation. With his ability, one could ask the animals could to go spy on others and get interesting information (although Dolores could do this without asking for help) 

Talking to animals is pretty freaking cool, especially when they want to talk to you like they do with Antonio. It's great knowing that you always have a friend you can talk to, especially a friend like a loyal animal who can actually talk back and cannot tell other people your business.

5. Dolores - Excellent Hearing

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Practical: 7/10

Cool: 6/10

Overall: 13/20

Being able to hear things from a far distance can be very helpful, especially when it comes to knowing if another needs help. Having this ability is super practical when it comes to receiving intel and getting insight. The only reason Dolores does not get a perfect score is the fact that every noise close-up would be extremely loud. Below is the scene of the movie where Antonio is walking down the aisle to the door where he receives his gift. Around 24 seconds, on the left side of the audience, Dolores is standing there clapping with two fingers instead of her whole hands to quiet the sound of her own claps. 

Not only is this ability really useful, but it is also super cool to have the ability to have excellent hearing. Also, being able to pinpoint certain sounds in certain situations would be great. Trying to fall asleep and hearing the ocean or nature for background noises or listening in on a very important conversation are cool ways to use that ability.

4. Bruno - Seeing Visions of the Future

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Practical: 6/10

Cool: 8/10

Overall: 14/20

Not just predicting future events but actually seeing the future can be pretty practical, especially when warning one of an event that they can control. However, it may not be practical in Bruno's sense. In preparations for each of his visions, he has to go through a whole set up process, needs a big open space, and has to carry sand with him in order to have a vision. It isn't really convenient. Bruno felt like he had to hide from the town and his family just because of his visions, and feeling responsible for an event that was going to happen with or without the vision must feel like such a heavy burden.

This power is extremely cool, though. This power could easily be abused, as Bruno could look into his own future and influence events to his liking. Looking into the future is a power a lot of people wish they could possess, and having this ability would be super fun.

3. Camilo - Shapeshifting

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Practical: 6/10

Cool: 10/10

Overall: 16/20

Shapeshifting is a practical power when it comes to needing to manipulate a situation to get what you want. For example, Camilo uses his ability to shapeshift into Dolores so he could get more food. However, in other instances, his ability is more to make fun of others or to impersonate them. He uses it to turn into Mariano to mock Isabela, mock Bruno in We Don't Talk About Bruno, and shapeshifted into guests as he greeted them for Antonio's ceremony. The most practical use for his gifts would be to change into someone taller or smaller to fit certain circumstances.

However, shapeshifting is super cool. Camilo mostly uses his gift for fun because it is a fun gift to have. Using it for comedic purposes or to pretend to be someone else is just an extremely cool gift, especially since he can do it so effortlessly.

2. Luisa - Super Strength

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Practical: 10/10

Cool: 7/10

Overall: 17/20

Having super strength is one of the main superpowers across all sorts of movies, shows, etc. because of how effortlessly useful the power is. Being able to lift anything with a pinky has to be one of the most practical gifts. Luisa uses her gift in the film to reroute rivers, catch runaway donkeys, move buildings, and overall help the infrastructure of the town. Although her ability causes her to feel endless pressure from her peers to constantly be strong, her ability undoubtedly has to be the most useful.

Having super strength is undoubtedly cool, although it isn't the most creative ability this movie has given us. Lifting a piano and holding it up for her father to play on, moving heavy objects from one place to other, and fixing a leaning house are all super cool ways Luisa was able to indirectly show off the coolness of her gift. 

1. Julieta - Healing Through Baked Goods

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Practical: 9/10

Cool: 10/10

Overall: 19/20

Having the ability to heal people is such an appealing ability. The only impractical thing about it for Julieta is the fact that she constantly has to be baking. It's a good thing that she enjoys baking, or this ability could become frustrating for her. 

Imagine that every time you ate a meal, it healed all of your ailments. This would happen every time Julieta cooks dinner. This town doesn't even need a doctor or a hospital because Julieta could heal any wound with one arepa. 

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