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My Review of the Netflix Documentary 'Quincy'

By Brian AnonymousPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Quincy is a biographical documentary on the life of Quincy Jones. Before watching this documentary I thought I knew a lot about Quincy Jones. This film gave me better insight into the lives that he affected and his influence not only to American culture and the black community but to the world. It ended up being a heartwarming and inspiring film that I think everyone should try to check out.

Documentaries can often be all over the place but they structured this film very well. The film goes through the life and times of Quincy Jones and he sure has a heck of a life. He is over 80-years-old but I had no idea that he continues to work hard and inspire people even in his older age. He never seemed to slow down one bit with age. The film explains how he is a self confessed workaholic. His workaholic affliction has benefited the world with great work but his personal life had suffered as a result of it. They talk about how he got his work ethic and why they believe he continues to work so hard. They dive deep into his past and how it had influenced how it influenced how he lived his life and how he treats people.

The documentary even goes so far as to talk about his family. He has so many kids from multiple women. It goes on to explain that he is by no means a perfect person but a lot of good has come out of the sins of his past. It is obvious now how much good he has done for the black community, American culture, and world poverty.

I really liked how they go into his journey as an artist. They explained that he refused to be pigeonholed into specific genres of art. This is something that people generally love to do. We all like to categorize people and things. Quincy Jones is an anomaly because of the vast amount of work he's done. He not only made music, he arranged it, produced it, and discovered talent for music. The film explained how he dived into so many different genres of music and enjoyed all of them equally. He made his mark in the movie and television industry as well when he made his own production companies. If there is a source for entertainment he had probably dipped his toe into it. This is how versatile he is.

Tragically it also dives into the problems he deals with in his older age. He now suffers from health conditions and he is now a shadow of his glorious past. He often reflects on his weakened state because in the past he used to be very healthy despite problems (I won't give too much away) in the past. In addition to all this, all of his friends are passing away and his loneliness is starting to become apparent. His family is a big rock in his life and they make us very aware of this fact. Some of his scares make him realize what is truly valued in life.

This is a must-see documentary. He has touched pretty much everything concerning entertainment. I find it hard to believe that anyone can watch this documentary without getting touched and inspired. I give this movie a 10 out of 10. I think everyone should check this documentary out. It would have been even better if this aired in the theater. I think it would have been even better to experience this movie with strangers and see how it affected them when they saw it the same time you did. If you have Netflix check out this film. It's worth it!


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