Questions and Theories I have about My Hero Academia.

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Some things I ponder.

Questions and Theories I have about My Hero Academia.
Artwork by K. Horikoshi

NOTE: Some of the issues discussed in this article may contain spoilers relating to My Hero Academia. Read at you own risk. Also the theories and opinions expressed are that of Mr. Tyler Hall and do not reflect anything pertaining to canon.

There is no denying the popularity of My Hero Academia. The renowned manga series created by Kohei Horikoshi has spawned countless animes, films, t-shirts, and an endless amount of merchandise. Set in a world where most of the people have a super power, or quirk, the series focuses on Izuku Midoriya, once considered by many to be quirkless. However that all changes when the legendary hero All Might takes the young man under his wing and grooms Midoriya to become the next big hero. Along the way, Izuku Midoriya learns not only how to become a hero, but also has to contend with various villains whom want to wreck havoc for the rest of the world.

While its a good series (its one of my personal favorites), there are still a number of things I have to question. I also have some ideas as to how certain things might work in My Hero Academia. Here is a list of things I often ponder about the series.

1. How EXACTLY do quirks work!?

If there is something Kohei Horikoshi does not elaborate on, its how do quirks work? Regardless of how one looks at it, knowing how quirks work would answer a lot of questions. There is really nothing specific in relation to the quirk mechanism in a person's body. Is it related to genetics? Biology? Environment? So many things that Horikoshi refuses to even state.

Then, there is the concept that quirks can be stolen and given. The villain All For One has this ability to where he steal quirks and give them to people. How does THAT even work?

I believe that all of the quirks we see on the show are perhaps powered by something in the mitochondria. For those not familiar with the term, mitochondria is what powers the cells in one's body. Considering that this is the powerhouse of the cell, I have reason to believe that its the cause of the quirk factor. Now please understand that is my theory on the matter. Horikoshi has yet to explain how quirks work.

2. What year does My Hero Academia take place in?

The year in which My Hero Academia is incredibly vague. However, with some basic mathematics, there is a way to pinpoint when the series takes place. Now please note: This is NOT canon nor confirmed by Kohei Horikoshi. So do not take this as gospel truth in regard to My Hero Academia. Again, let me state this is just a Fan Theory.

In all, counting both Deku and All Might, there have been a total of nine users of One For All. Now the word used here is generation. That is important to consider because the first user of One For All, was All For One's younger brother. Now, My Hero Academia states that All For One was around when quirks began to develop. Thus All For One was taking quirks or giving quirks depending on the person. However, All For One gave his brother a quirk that stockpiled quirks, thus becoming One For All.

Since there have been a total of nine generations of One For All, and a generation is, on average, a total of 30 years. So with this in mind:

9 x 30=270.

Another number we will us to factor in this equation is 2014. why 2014 you ask? This is because 2014 is when Kohei Horikoshi created My Hero Academia. So with this number in hand, we now have:

2014 + 270=2284.

So its safe to assume that the events of My Hero Academia probably take place in the year 2284. What backs this theory up is the fact that there are pieces of technology that are way beyond futuristic for today. For example, in one of the early episodes, Eraserhead, uses a holographic projection to denote points in regard to a throwing distance test.

Another line of dialogue that backs up this theory, Izuku Midoriya reportedly said an episode:

Humankind would be already enjoying interstellar travel if the appearance of quirks didn't put technology development in a standstill because of all the conflicts it caused.

This leads me to believe that the reason everything in My Hero Academia looks as though it could take place in modern day (as in 2014), is the appearance of quirks halted human advancements.

While this is a fun theory to consider, please note that in the end it's up to Kohei Horikoshi to have the final say in this matter.

3. What would be the military applications concerning quirks do to warfare?

According to My Hero Academia, 80% of the world's population has a quirk. Imagine for a second as to what this would do to warfare! There is the likelihood that nations would begin recruiting super powered individuals into their military ranks.

Just think about it for a moment! People with quirks suited to offensive purposes could be used on the front lines. Those with quirks suited to healing or for observational purposes might be used in the rear with the gear. Perhaps another Cold War might have broken out somewhere! Who knows? What is known is this super powered world is more dangerous than imagined!

Suppose some nation's armed forces had someone like the villain Twice. For those whom are not familiar with My Hero Academia, Twice has the ability to create duplicates of himself. Now think for a moment if this guy were a soldier. The magnitude of the amount of doubles Twice could make would ensure a victory on the battlefield by numbers alone! Also casualties would be a thing of the past because Twice could always make a clone of himself to replace a dead one!

Or how about Himiko Toga and her blood quirk! She could masquerade as a political leader or two and lead rival nations into war. All she would need would be a drop of blood and no one would know the difference.

4. What about other nations?

Since the majority of My Hero Academia takes place in Japan, we are only getting a small outlook on the world. Yes, I understand My Hero Academia is a Japanese medium, but for once I would like to see how other nations are faring with populations consisting of quirk users.

The closest any of us viewers see in regard to other nations is in the My Hero Academia film Two Heroes, when All Might travels to the United States and meets up with David Shield. There is even some mention of the United States in the My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga series as well.

Other than that, we do not get much of a view in regard to nations. While I did cover the question of military usage previously, I also ponder about quirk using heroes in other countries. Imagine if the students of UA High trained with hero students from say, the United States or from all of Europe or possibly the entire world!?

While there are a few students from foreign nations in Classes 1-A and 1-B, (Yuga Aoyama is French, Pony Tsunatori is American, and Hiryu Rin is Chinese), but we do not see much of their countries short of a few snippets here and there. For once, I'd like to see what the rest of the world is faring in this time.

5. Being quirkless is more frightening than imaginable.

For this one, I am going to make a statement regarding quirkless people in My Hero Academia. Although it is known in Japan that those whom are quirkless are discriminated against on a daily basis. Can one imagine the situation in other nations?

Just imagine the poor levels of service people without quirks receive on a daily basis out in public. Or how about signs that say, "Quirkless need not apply!"?

Then there are heroes whom have lost their quirks in one way or another. It must be painful to consider what happens to one when they lose their powers. How do these people adapt? What happens when these former heroes try to some to do something heroic only to realize they are now quirkless? That is something most people do not consider. People are too wrapped up in the action to ask such questions.

In closing, My Hero Academia is a great anime. I am very fortunate to have developed an interest in this masterpiece. Even then, I still ponder about these very things I've listed. I wonder what other areas have I not touched upon that readers might find interesting. Do I put too much emphasis on My Hero Academia in regard to these questions or are they valid to ask?

Maybe I should look at M Hero Academia akin to a line from the opening lyrics to Mystery Science Theater 3000 where it says:

Just repeat to yourself it's just a show, I should really just relax.

Tyler Hall
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