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Puzzle - A Movie Review

by Marielle Sabbag 5 days ago in movie

'Puzzle' establishes an enticing moral.

Life is like a puzzle. Put together the pieces to find your pathway.

Puzzle was released to theaters in 2018. Agnes, an unhappy married woman who feels like her life is at a standstill, unearths a passion for puzzles. Desiring to complete more puzzles, she discovers a puzzle-making competition. Her sessions with Robert broaden her world.

The storyline for Puzzle immediately caught my interest. Puzzle establishes an enticing moral. No matter the age, we are always growing. Finding a passion is a vital segment in life along with finding happiness.

Kelly MacDonald’s captivating performance enforces an invigorating message to all audiences. Unsure of who she is, and feeling unappreciated, Agnes finds a niche for puzzle-making. Opened up from her passive nature, Anges is challenged to study her world and make a change. MacDonald embraces her role.

One reason I was drawn into this film is that it was the last performance by Irrfan Khan. Having his own perspective on life, Robert feels a connection to puzzle-making. Agnes and Robert’s interactions are essential. Studying Agnes’s submissive behavior, Robert helps her in more ways than one.

They help one another out of their comfort zones. Friendships form for a reason. Though, Agnes and Robert are tested to think beyond the norms, Make decisions carefully.

The puzzle-building sequences were my favorite. I wonder how many takes it took them to put an entire puzzle together. Making a puzzle is all about connection. Both in finding the right pieces to go together, and connecting with yourself.

Agnes is not the only focus of the story. The members of Agnes’s family earn a fair share of focus. Depending on how you felt about him, David Denman explored the nature of his character. There were points when I turned my nose up at his opinions, but there were also times I liked the affection he shows towards his wife.

The whole dynamic of the family was done very well. Credits include the talents of Bubba Weiler, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Austin Abrams, Liv Hewson, Lori Hammel, and an ensemble who happily took part in the puzzle adventure.

Puzzle explains how vital it is for a family to talk. We don’t have to have the same pathway. It doesn’t matter how different we are. What matters is that we should understand one another's opinions and life choices.

Puzzle is such a simple film, but it is more than that. This is a movie for puzzle-makers. It is symbolic and holds meaning. Growing up is never easy - especially in your adult years. Don’t ever let anybody try to put you in your place. Life is like a puzzle. Connect the pieces.

I’m glad that Marc Turtletaulo focused on these elements. He connected to us. We all believe that we’ll have our lives together by our 40s. The truth is, we are growing and learning every day. Make connections, find a hobby, but most importantly find your happiness. You’ll know it once you find it.

Turtletaulo succeeded in filming in eye-catching locations. One camera shot fully cemented the heartwarming resonance of the film. The camera angles were also well-planned. It signified focus, something to which we can all relate.

What does it mean to happy? That’s the question the film asks viewers. Having a hobby distracts us from the daily norms. My hobby is writing and drawing. And I have found a passion to write movie reviews. Once you are fully concentrated, your imagination takes you into a world of creative opportunities.

Watching Puzzle touched me. You have to see this film because it needs to be talked about more.

Marielle Sabbag
Marielle Sabbag
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Marielle Sabbag

Writing has been my passion since I was 11 years old. I love creating stories from fiction, poetry, fanfiction. I enjoy writing movie reviews. I would love to become a creative writing teacher and leave the world inspiring minds.

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