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Preliminary reports saying She-Hulk is awful, True or False?

by Hapsetshut The Pharaoh 6 months ago in superheroes
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People try to manssplain your world

I will never not love this picture

According to inital reports gathered from my secret basement dwells under Disney/Marvel’s HQ the show will be an extended 10-ep run instead of the normal six, BUT each episode will only be about 30 minutes long. We’re supposed to be getting it sometime in August, we’ll see.

Apparently, that one ‘let me mansplain why I don’t like what comics are trying to do by shoving their agenda down my throat and why they're very wrong to do so’ youtube guy who calls himself 'Geeks+Gamers', which is an insult to all civil geeks and gamers might I add, was very unimpressed with the trailer.

Why in gods name do I still follow this guy? I must have just seen the name and some comic reviews in his feed and not looked at anything else. I really need to get away from this toxicity yo it's not healthy.

He also stated that the Ms. Marvel show was the worst thing Disney/Marvel had created to date. *Sucks teeth* That’s an awful lotta criticism for a minute thirty teaser my dude. Do you really need to get that angry over it?

Well here’s what I can gather from this She-Hulk trailer and the bits and pieces of info I’ve managed to scoop up off the web.

Frist off, the CGI can appear to be a bit wonky in a few spots like it’s not fully rendered or smoothed out or something like that sort of thing. But maybe they were just trying to rush out the trailer to get people on the hype tain since the shows supose to come out near the end of summer, that happens. Actullly 'Ms. Marvel's supose to be on in about a week and we haven't heard any news on that in a minute. And we have to remember that these people are always under a time crunch and the firm hand of ‘The Mouse’. Hang on a sec, let me see if I can google a picture of a giant Micky hand crushing something, that would be fun.

All I could find.

But yeah, that’s the biggest complaint really. It seems decent from what I’ve gathers, they got ‘Orphan Black’ to play our titular character, so you know she’s got a helleva range. Do you think they’ll have a Daredevil cameo? He is officially canon now so here’s hoping. I’m curious to see how she gets her condition in this version though. I remember the animated show he had to give her a blood transfusion or else she’d die, also she has at times been unable to shift back down to regular human I know so that might paly a part in things.

Regardless of what the show’s going to be though now that it has this unfortunate ‘stigma’ hanging over it and will ultimately attract more negative thoughtless provokers to its calling. We can no longer judge ‘She Hulk’ or even ‘Ms. Marvel’ on the merits of their quality but instead people will deem it dreadful for their sake of their perceived biases.

I‘m sad to see that this is the way the world is anymore. Even our media, our entertainment, and our joy has been dragged into the realm of opinion bias and ruined for select individuals. I really wish people would just take a look at what they’re doing or how they’re acting and maybe just consider, that it’s not about them. That other people exist.

Oh yeah, and whether it’s true or false I don’t think I’m really qualified to make a call on that we’ll all just have to watch the show ourselves and see, I guess. *shrugs loudly*


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