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This book gives me bad vibes

By Erica WilliamsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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I was all excited to buy this book for so long on getting this book and was saving my money to buy this book . I finally went to Amazon, bought the book from one of their stores and just started reading it. Trust me on how it went because when I started to look at the things on it and got more and more into it ... that's when I suddenly started to say that it's not a good book. Let me explain. Here me out. I went into about keys of power and how it's used within history and so much further along I felt like I was suddenly sick of the book.

At first I was like thinking I was tripping ,but then found out I wasn't . Yes they had , well have , some good points ,but then to be honest it really didn't .It felt like it was like as if it was teacher's manual of teaching people how to manipulate just for to get their power back. In chaos , that sounds delightful ,but then again why would I want to do that within my life. I know that within about limiting my beliefs and taking things as a chance ,but something within my spirit doesn't sound very well to do this . I feel like this will make matters worse than what it is.

I do , however, think this will definitely show people how in life that on how people do things within history and now ,but I don't believe , in life, that this should be a lesson on how to keep it going. I feel like we should get our power back ,but not for this cause. I feel that within the books that this author had researched with I have to look into . Maybe I will give it another chance once I look at the books on what he's trying to say ,but to be honest... as of right now... I don't think so .

If you have a chance, let me know what you think of this . Like :

1. Do you think this book will reach people to better their lives?

2. What are your thoughts on this book?

3. Did you look into any other books he listed of where he got his research from?

4. How or what's your interpretation on this book?

Just curious and will love to discuss about this because it makes me wonder why in the world is this book even alive. Also don’t get me started on the other books that was made by the same author as well. I just wonder why and what was the purpose to be honest with you ,but I hope there is a reason on why because I question his logic and what went on with this brain and upsets that made him write this book and the other books as well to “ help” people to be “ not “ manipulated ,but it’s a book showing or “exposing” what is manipulating people and keep the cycle going. I don’t get it ,but again willing to discuss cause no matter how many times I read this book I get this feeling within my spirit that something is not right about this book. For instance, what made me curious was what was the reason behind the history and translating it to make it so arendus to show how you’re being manipulated ,but it doesn’t show on what to do within each chapter. I feel like this is a trap. I hate that I sound like I’m going round and round with this ,but no matter how I tired each day to read this book it doesn’t sit right with me at all.

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