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Popular Disney Movie Fan Theories

by Jacqueline Hanikeh 5 years ago in movie
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You won't be able to see Disney the same after this. Check out these popular Disney movie fan theories that will absolutely blow your mind.

You're lying if you're saying you don't like Disney movies — everyone loves Disney films. They're truly the most creative and unique films ever created, with brilliant storylines and unforgettable characters. The stories are so heartwarming and educational, Disney films are impossible to dislike. Every film starts off as a comedy, before reaching an upsetting moment, and then the ending is something we can all take for our personal lives — that's what makes Disney movies the best.

There are tons of characters in the Disney realm — I mean tons. Only true Disney fans can name them all. But did you know that it might be possible for these characters to somehow be connected? Even related? Disney fans are really creative and certainly think outside the box. They try to find ways to see if Disney films are connected — and I have to admit, their theories are pretty brilliant.

Did you know that Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled attended Elsa's Coronation Day in Frozen? Google it, you'll see the two of them heading inside.

Small things like these really get Disney fans hyped up. Now, see more popular Disney movie fan theories that fans think are possibly true.

OK, to start off with popular Disney movie fan theories, this one bugged me out. It's possible that Boo from Monsters, Inc. is the witch from Brave. How?

Well, it's seen that Boo has learned to time travel through doors from Monsters, Inc. When she's all grown up, she's on a mission to find Sully again — causing her to time travel through door to door and ending up at the time period of Brave. While spending time there, she wants to understand the magical whisps, hoping it'll bring her to Sully.

She even does a wood carving of Sully.

This also explains why each time a door closes, the witch (Boo) disappears...

This one is also mind-blowing, but it looks like Andy's mom is Emily from Toy Story 2. So, Jessie's owner is Emily and donated Jessie — so sad. So, in the first Toy Story, while Andy was playing with Woody, he's actually wearing a Jessie hat, not a Woody hat. Is it possible that Andy inherited the Jessie hat from his mother?

This is probably one of the craziest popular Disney movie fan theories out there and who ever thought of this is a genius.

So, it looks like Jane from Tarzan is Belle and Beast's granddaughter. How, right? Well, it's simple — Belle and Jane look so much alike. It's impossible to ignore their resemblance.

Also, in a scene from Tarzan, Terk is drumming on a tea set that looks awfully like Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. Not to mention that one of the teacups has a small chip. It's possible that Belle passed on the tea set to her granddaughter.

Aside from that, what's up with the fondness Belle and Jane have for wild men, right?

Here's another Tarzan theory — it seems that the parents from Frozen are Tarzan's parents. This one is among the difficult popular Disney movie fan theories.

Here's how it goes: a fan asked the producers of Frozen on Reddit if Little Mermaid, Frozen, and Tangled were connected. And their response literally made my jaw drop.

The producers stated that Arrendelle King and Queen didn't actually die from ship wreck, but they escaped to an island, gave birth to a son, and were both killed by a leopard. And their son was raised by gorillas... I hope this theory is true.

Now that we know that the King and Queen of Arendelle died on an island by a leopard, we know they were actually on the way to attend Rapunzel's wedding.

Is that true?

Well, Frozen director Jennifer Lee mentioned that the King and Queen were headed to a wedding before they died. Which can only mean —was it Rapunzel's wedding?

The timing seems accurate, because we can see Rapunzel at Elsa's Coronation and she looked the same when she cut her hair in Tangled.

And the trip would take two weeks — a reasonable amount of time for a 1,600 mile trip by sea and land.

There's a lot of popular Disney movie theories revolving around Elsa and Anna's parents, huh? But this one definitely makes sense.

The ship wreck that Ariel from The Little Mermaid witnessed looked a lot like the ship that the King and Queen of Arendelle took when they were headed to Rapunzel's wedding.

Don't worry, I'm just as confused as you are.

This is also one of the more difficult popular Disney movie fan theories to explain.

Like I mentioned before, Rapunzel and Flynn attended Elsa's Coronation — possibly as VIP guests, because the two don't live in Arendelle. Tangled takes place in Germany.

However, both Rapunzel and Elsa are blonde and they both have powers (magical hair and magical hands). This explains why Elsa's father was cautious about people finding out about his daughter's powers. He didn't want her to end up like Rapunzel — kidnapped because of her magical hair.

You can say the King of Arendelle was being an overprotective, but caring, father.

Speaking of parents, Rapunzel's "mother" is the Evil Queen from Snow White.

To begin with, the similarities are seriously uncanny. They look so much alike, you can't say they're not the same person.

Also, Mother Gothel has a dagger box that looks just like the one that the Evil Queen gives to the Huntsman.

Since the two of them were sickly obsessed with staying beautiful and young, it easy to come to the conclusion that they're the same human.

Another strange one out of popular Disney movie fan theories is that Ariel and Hercules are cousins! Those who studied Greek mythology should immediately know that Ariel and Hercules are related.

King Triton, Ariel's father, is the son of Poseidon, God of the Sea, according to Greek mythology. Which makes Poseidon Ariel's grandfather.

Poseidon is actually Zeus' brother, and Hercules is Zeus' son.

In connection, King Triton and Hercules are first cousins, making Ariel and Hercules cousins, as well.

Probably the most mind-blowing out of the popular Disney movie fan theories, is that Carl was never alive in the film Up.

This is truly a sad theory, but fans came up with the idea that Carl died in his sleep the night before he was going to be taken to Shady Oaks.

The entire movie is just a visual of his afterlife... upsetting, I know. Thinking about flying houses and talking dogs all just seems like a dream, right?


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