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Planet Tetros Page 2

by Terrence 7 months ago in comics
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Where am I?

Concept Art for Planet Tetros Comic

Where the fuck am I? How much time has passed? All I know is we have 26 hour days on this planet. I just don’t know how many hours have passed, as I chuckled to myself. Shit I can tell I’m chained to something and I’m hurt all over. The pain is indescribable. I’m not used to getting my ass beat. This isn’t the cleanest place I thought as I looked around. I’ve never been the toughest guy , but my ability to make friends with others in the village usually kept me from getting my ass beat. This must be some abandoned place that I was dragged into. I laughed internally again, they dragged me alright. That’s one of my favorite things I like about myself . I can always laugh when I’m down. That’s what my mom used to love about me as well, when she was alive that is. I wonder what she’d think if she saw me being so sad.

Rage slowly started to build up inside of me . What the fuck am I doing here? I’m not done here! I’m not going to die here in this shit hole! Why am I being kidnapped? As the budding curiosity started to come next. Okay lets calm down and think. It’s not like I have anything better to do. I need to focus and relax. Think….think….Ahah! I thought out loud. Ive always been good with locks. In fact it’s my specialty. I’ve always had special eyes since I was little. I could see how things connected at an almost see through level. I can only see out of one at the moment. It’ll still work though, even with one eye. I just had to calm down and focus. It worked! It’s a tough lock but its old and I even found a small crack that would be invisible to the naked eye.

I have to find something solid, sturdy and hard. I don’t care what material it is be it metal, stone….. something that I could hammer with all of my strength. I found the perfect rock, no specifically more like a stone as it was smooth and heavy. I was quiet and listened for awhile, just to make sure the coast was clear. Although, I thought it might be dangerous that I don’t recall being checked upon anytime soon. How long has it been? When will they be making the next rounds? Which means I had to act fast and just as soon as I realized this I activated my power and was smashing at the weak point my eyes had discovered and sparks were flying. Oh yeah, the special power I have came from Father Tetro, the planet itself. Only about 10 percent of us get powers and they are as different as the skill of and traits of each individual . Anyways, I could feel the cuffs upon my wrists warming up as I striked the cuffs. It got so hot that it started hurting. Keep going don’t think about the pain I reassured myself. Keep going Wack! Wack! Wack! Crack! Did I get it?

Nope, the sound of the crack was my ribs. I just got caught, and I’m sure I just took a kick to the ribs. Damn! I internalized as gasped for air after getting the wind token out of me and my hopes. It was the older looking one of the group. Standing over me like a predator staring at his prey. As soon as I thought my punishment would be light, I was suddenly being wacked all over with a wooden board. Fucking savage I thought as I took a blow and wrapped the board around my arms. I grabbed his legs with mine and was trying to buy myself time to think. I needed a way to flip the script! So when his legs got loose he spread them open for one moment as they were free from restriction. Pow! I used all the strength I could muster and kicked him right in the life givers! I’ve never fought this dirty before , but this is for survival.


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Releasing an ongoing online book called Zaigon. If you are new here I strongly reccomend you start reading from page 1(the oldest). Comic located at Merch at

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