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by Terrence 7 months ago in comics
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Humbled Beginnings

An unnamed hero who will be revealed in the future.

Fuck! Bam! Bam! Shit I’m getting jumped , but I feel like I can win this fight. Wack! Wack! But damn, these guys are hitting me back to back. Urgh I’ll destroy these bastards!! Just let me catch one with a great attack. Come on read their movements. I try to tell myself for motivation. Shit they’re taking turns socking me! Every time I dodge one, the other one lands a blow! These motherfuckers… OOF! Damn someone got me with a good gut punch. That was close, I almost lost my fucking wind. Fuck these guys who do they think they are! Ive beaten groups before, even though I’ve never been the greatest fighter. I could do something if I stop getting hit. I can regain some composure and get them good with a counter attack?! Smack! One of them just smacked me! That’s so disrespectful! This asshole thinks I’m going to take that!

I’m enraged with all of the focus that I could muster. I hit the guy who slapped me with a nice uppercut. His neck flew back violently , giving me little hope and joy even though I’m in this grim moment. I didn’t last long though, my reality sunk in right after that. There is still 4 of them against me. That harsh reality coupled with the 6 fists that came flying at me .All because I made the mistake of zeroing in on the one who slapped me. Man were those 6 fists synchronized, seems they were just as angry that I got a clean hit on their friend! Welp now I’m going down I realized, as I took a heavy blow to the back of the head. I guess the guy I caught with an uppercut recovered and decided to land a decisive blow. Next thing I know I’m getting kicked as I lay sprawled on the ground . Please ,no, stop kicking me ,I thought. All I could do is grab one leg at a time as I regained what little consciousness that I could. It wasn’t enough though, each time I grabbed a leg or foot. I could feel at least 3 other feet kicking me. Beeeeeeeeeeeeep! Shit , they got my ear.

I can barely hear anything . This is bullshit, I’m starting to panic. The dark feeling that they want to kill me started to creep in. The hits kept coming, I know it was only minutes but it felt like hours. Why, why why why why! Why aren’t they stopping !?! Cough! Spit! Shit one of them got me in stomach. Now I can’t breath, damn damn just finish me! Why won’t these sons of bitches just finish me!?! I want to die!!! No! No! Think positive ! “Gasp” I caught my breath again. But they won’t stop . Get up! Get up! Get up! I yearn to will myself up! I know it’s 4 guys but I’m not sure I could’ve taken them 1 on 1 . They ganged up on me and each one is an even match with me. This is overkill!

This must be a bad dream, I’m not the toughest guy but I was always strong enough to handle the bullies. Wack! Great I can feel my right eye swelling up as I lose centimeters of sight. I probably look like a mess I thought. Maybe this is the next stage of getting your ass beaten. Some sort of calm and collected coolness. I wish I was home right now, I wish I never took this job. I was being cocky after completing the last gig. What dumb things to think about while getting your ass beat. Who knows I might be soon on the brink of death. At this point I feel like I’m falling in endless quicksand . I just remember thinking to myself ….. Am I blacking out? As I faded into unconsciousness.


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Releasing an ongoing online book called Zaigon. If you are new here I strongly reccomend you start reading from page 1(the oldest). Comic located at Merch at

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