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Passing the Torch Arc Two (Volume 3)

The Story of the Shira Clan Continues

By LUiS Wrote THiS BlogPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
"Dedicated to the Unknown Fire Family."

"The colossal rock golem arose from the molten lava near the Fire Prison. Holding my Minaro Sword in both hands, I braced myself for the incoming blows from the rock monstrosity.

Before my attack could connect, a ball of magma flourished on the golem's head or whatever appeared to be on top of its shoulders.

The large fiery door in front of me slowly creaked open. I was able to run towards the entrance of the door before realizing the golem was no longer behind me."

The First Lava Golem I've Encountered in This World

Finding myself in a sort of arena, the most recent challenge I feared was downright terrifying, with unimaginable power. "Greetings, warrior; my spies have informed me that you have traveled to this realm of the Spirit Kingdom with the mystic weapons you possess."

"My attention was fixed on the figure in front of me. He had a large stature and a strong chakra. The Torch Prison's fire warden has finally been revealed."

My 1st Glimpse at the Fire Warden

Enough with the games; you are but a child in this world, and I am its parent." You will now encounter my most recent creation within the Torch Prison. In front of me was a mirror with burnt edges of gravel and bark, and roots from an unknown type of tree wrapped around the mirror's edges.

The Reflection Revealed a Bluish Version of Myself

"The reflection revealed a version of myself that appeared to be bluish in color, as opposed to my maroon and reddish hue. I'd like to introduce you to your opponent."

I Felt an Evolution in My Sword Approaching

You will not be able to beat me until you beat a far superior advisory. That would be you, a young warrior in the form of yourself, standing in front of me and all my minions. A roar of cheers and excitement surrounded me as a bright light illuminated the arena I was now in.

I was now standing on massive cement tile blocks aligned in what appeared to be a squarish shape. The figure who was now known as my doppelgänger stepped out from within the mystic mirror of flames, now seeing the image of myself walk towards me, gripping the corners of the mirror.

The figure in front of me appeared to be my Doppelganger

The clone in front of me was wearing the same armor and headpiece as me. His sword, while not the same Minaro Sword, felt just as powerful in its presence.

"The doppelgängers colors were various shades of blue. His left shoulder armor had chips like old antique marble."

All I could hear at one moment were the chips of the armor falling off

As we stood only a few feet apart in the middle of the cement tile squares, I could feel the energy of my new opponent growing. My own Minaro Sword hummed louder than ever before, vibrating in a manner similar to when I had previously encountered that strange monstrous lava golem. My sword was the first strike, giving me the upper hand at the time.

My strongest blow was delivered directly to the doppelgänger's chest. My parry shifted his response, but I also managed to direct it away from myself. Before I made my next move, I'd notice the Minaro Sword in my possession was becoming more powerful and glowing with each attack.

Remenicent of the Battle with the Enemies of This World

My Minaro sword had lodged itself into the clone's neck after a few moments of intense combat. Surprisingly, the doppelgänger never spoke a single word during our battle. His mouth remained open for the majority of our fight, as if his face was stuck.

"The air was filled with particles from the clone's wound from my previous strike. I began to feel strange particles covering my entire figure as the strange blue spores blushed the air around the corpse."

Approaching the "Fire Wardens" dwelling now

"Was my feud with the doppelgänger finally over?"

I awoke on the dirt floor of the cave where I had once been saved from a fiery death. Where had the Torch Prison gone, and where had the warden gone? The last thought was of time, of time spent in the Kingdom of Spirits.

My body pushed itself back to a standing position, and I felt different. My body was even more confused than when I started my journey through the realms.

"Lord Maro Maro had seemingly appeared out of nowhere in the cave."

I Saw the Visions of What's too Come

"Do not be alarmed, Anu; your task in the Torch has been completed." I was wondering if you'd make it back alive. As you can see, your clone enemy's spores have fused with you. Anu, the Torch Swordsman, you are now."

I sense Lord Maro Maro's Presence

Touching my shoulder briefly for reassurance, Lord Maro Maro and I were transported through space and time, and when I opened my eyes again, I was shocked to see where the spirit Lord had taken me.

"Holding back the tears in my eyes, I was joyful to be in a familiar place after all the time training with Lord Maro Maro began,"

I said, referring to my old home, the temple of Shira, which had burned down to the ground over a decade ago due to the elemental Kaiju monstrosity.

The time would come where my Vengeance would arrive

"Torch Swordsman, this was your home once." I, too, have had loved ones taken in the blink of an eye by evil. We will rebuild what has been destroyed. The Torch Prison, you see, was only a reflection of your inner strengths and weaknesses."

"I let you train under my supervision for many years because, with the Minaro sword, you'd finally be able to enter the Torch Prison and find the pieces you needed to complete your transformation."

Evolution of the Minaro Power Transcends

"Now that you've remained relevant in the Kingdom of Spirits, a new task has been assigned to you.

Travel to Earth and look for a young boy who has been given the ability and command over flames."

The Spirt Lord Kingdom

"I've heard whispers from the other Spirit Lords that this boy is not only special, but also a key to locating a member of The Six who may be your long-lost father."

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