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Palm Royale's 2nd episode - "Maxine Saves a Cat"

"you don't have to prove yourself, Maxine Simmons"

By 'Vive AkughaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
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The episode starts with Maxine in a fashion war with Evelyn (who asks about Norma) and her usual grasshopper drink. Maxine realizes that she is a temporary member of the club. She requires the sponsorship of three members to solidify her position so she seeks two others apart from Dinah. Douglas introduced himself to Dinah as "Douglas Dellacorte Simmons". Seeing the benefit of mentioning the Dellacorte name, Maxine asks if they could drop the Simmons and go by Dellacorte. He tells her the name comes with a lot of baggage and "you don't have to prove yourself, Maxine Simmons" which she doesn't accept.

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With her discovery of Linda being Evelyn's stepdaughter, she asks her for help getting a sponsorship from Evelyn. She asks her in the group and Linda is perplexed knowing that Evelyn doesn't like her. Linda asks, "Why do you want to be where you're not wanted?" and Maxine answers saying, "Isn't that what makes a revolutionary?" which Virginia supports saying "Touché". Maxine breaks into the Dellacorte mansion to get something valuable for presentation at a charity auction. Maxine weaponizes optimism wonderfully. She is supportive of the ladies as well referring to Virginia's label of her being a feminist. She graces herself out of and into situations doing what she needs to do while detecting what she needs to know. Dinah becomes her frenemy using Maxine without returning it.

She gained Mary's support as a second sponsor after buying a table at her charity auction for fibrosis to match Dinah's goal. Her bidding war with Evelyn and her outrageous bid of $75,000 for what she brought added to Mary's event buzz. Information about the stoned Mabel cat's true worth by her friend and new editor of the Shiny Sheet, Ann Holiday (Mindy Cohn) leads to her spontaneity. Her financial decisions from the bid and clothes worn in the dress war leave her distressed. She cries and opens up to Linda. Linda reluctantly signs for her using her old name, Penelope Rollins and thus acquired her last sponsor. Robert is Norma's pool boy. He had an argument with Maxine who broke in but she uses the fact he hadn't visited her to say he didn't care for her. He goes to visit her and plays the trumpet with a familiar tune that causes an improvement to her state. He tells Maxine who came back to return Mabel. Norma had a twilight stupor allowing her to breathe on her own and open her eyes but not much else and it could be consistent for a while. This, broken Mabel she's in debt for, and her lockout of the hotel for overdue charges leaves her dispirited.


Apple TV+'s 2024 show, Palm Royale focuses on the determination for betterment through class and acknowledgement implemented in the story of Maxine Simmons. Kristen Wiig is Maxine Simmons, a woman dedicated to joining the distinguished Palm Royale club and The Shiny Sheet to improve her social standing to where she and her husband belong. Created by Abe Sylvia based on the book "Mr. & Mrs. American Pie" by Juliet McDaniel, new episodes will be released on Wednesdays to stream the 10 Apple TV+ episodes.

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