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One Piece: The origins of Devil Fruit?

by Sergio VanNess about a month ago in comics
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A One Piece Fan Theory Article

Okay, now I will need you to hear me out of this, Devil Fruit comes from space & are not natural to the planet that Luffy is on. Now I know what you're thinking, "well that could be possible cause there are a lot of space-related answers and even more space-related questions, but how did they get to Luffy's planet?" And I think I have the answer to that question and that's Aliens! Alien Pirates/Explorers to be exact. 

So, there is a lot to go over dealing with the story and all of the things that I mention in this fan theory. I would suggest going to go see YouTubers Tekking101, GrandlineReview, Ohara, Marshall D. Preach, & AnimeUproar to get more details about the series that I am not going to be going over in this Theory. But if you don't care about that and want to read my thoughts on the origins of Devil Fruit, by all means, please keep reading, and with that here is your only spoiler warning for anything about the series including recent chapter events.

Okay, where do I begin? I think I will start by saying that I don't think devil fruit was around not too much longer than before the Void Century. I actually think Devil Fruit is part of the reason why the past JoyBoy was such a game-changer before the Void Century. I think we are getting a repeat of what happened to start the Void Century every time The Straw Hats start a new Arc.

What I mean by that is that there were some Space Pirates that happened to come across this planet while looking for awesome food and a grand adventure and they didn't care for the way things were going as there were all these cool people around and they were all starving of something like that to get the Space Pirates involved with the politics of this world. We have seen this story point so many times in this series already that at this point that it's a cliche of the series besides Luffy just has to figure out how to punch you harder than anyone else has ever hit you to win.

These Space Pirates already had Devil Fruit with them and Devil Fruit powers. Not only that they weren't the best of the best of Space Pirates, not the smartest or strongest Space Pirates. Not the biggest crew of Space Pirates either. We are talking like maybe a small group of 15 to 30 Space Pirates at most. They had a Spaceship design for long travels between planets. On this spaceship, they had a few special kinds of Trees. These Trees are what created the Devil Fruit. These Devil Fruit have a weakness to water, which makes sense if they are designed to be used by people in Space. As some Devil Fruit takes away your need to breathe and completely replaces it with not needing to eat. In space, you don't come across water as an obstacle so water protection isn't built-in as well. On top of that, it's an amazing safety design when giving people superpowers make sure they're weak against water, that way you could also catch the rouge superpowered person back safely. I bet there is a way to take Devil Fruit powers away safely as well. Along with this knowledge of taking away powers or have the knowledge of having 2 or more Devil Fruit. That's right, Devil Fruit being used in Space sounds like a great match-up for the conditions of a Devil Fruit user only being bested by high-powered water guns. 

But with this being a planet that's mostly made of water they had a bit of a hard time as unknown to them there was a magical water stone created by science and the conditions of the seawater (unpurified water) called Sea Prism Stone that acts as a solid concentration of Seawater turned into solid rock for the purposes of giving Devil Fruit users a Bad Touch. The people of this planet eventually figured this out and bested the Space Pirates. But after beating the Space Pirates they had to divide the loot and that's where all things went to hell. This is where the world throne came to be. Because out of those bickering about who gets what that person who betrayed the first JoyBoy for power over this world decided to play their hand and make the world government under a single world leader. 

One of those things is a Ship, we as fans of the series know it as Pluton. Which I will go over in detail in another article. Then we have the Devil Fruit trees which probably need some special conditions to create Devil Fruit. There were two different kinds of Trees. The first tree was the tree of knowledge. This is where Logia and Paramecia Devil fruit came from. It was placed on an island that would take the world government a long time to find. This was planned by the first JoyBoy Pirates. Next, we have the tree of Adam. This is where Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit comes from. The Giants just took that tree and no one could stop them. But before the Giants took the tree of Adam, the humans were able to get a branch from the Adam tree and got a Branch of the tree of knowledge from another fight back they planted them side by side mixing them together as they grew into the tree Eve. It could produce all kinds of Devil Fruit but you won't know what you're getting until you eat it. It also produced Devil Fruit randomly until it just stopped producing Fruit. All three of the trees stopped producing Devil Fruit around the same time. But they all had different rates at which they produced Devil Fruit. 

Since the Space Pirates had all of this futuristic technically the humans definitely decided that they wanted it. They wanted JoyBoy's Ship. But JoyBoy wasn't kewl with that and said "No." And it was war from there. The humans managed to get their hands on some Devil Fruit and a Branch of the Tree of knowledge without JoyBoy and his crew knowing. This gave the Humans the confidence to challenge JoyBoy. So, now not only is JoyBoy fighting to liberate people they are fighting to keep their ship out of the hands of the enemy. They were outnumbered and doing well until they were betrayed. But unknown to the betrayer there was a plan in place to hide the ship before they started the fight. 

Then from there, we get the Void Century and everything to happen to this point. There you have it, Devil Fruit comes from space. Along with JoyBoy and his crew. Because people who can travel through Space must be God's to those who can barely travel through water.


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