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One Piece: Post Wano Devil Fruit Classifications!

by Sergio VanNess 2 months ago in comics
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A One Piece Fan Article

So, am I the only person who has figured out the real classifications of devil fruits? No? Vega Punk beat me to it?.. makes sense. So, since Vega Punk hasn't been seen around in a while, let me break down the 4 different kinds of Devil Fruit and how they are really classified. This is the Reclassification of Devil Fruit Post Wano using science?!

First, we are going to start off with Logia Devil Fruit. Logia allows you to become an element of 1 of the 4 states of matter. The 4 states of matter are as follows Solids, Liquids, Gases, and Plasma. This means that if you eat a devil fruit and exhibit traits that make you become a living embodiment of one of these 4 states of matter, for example: Plasma; Lighting aka Goro Goro no Mi or rumble rumble fruit, Gases; Gases aka Gasu Gasu no Mi or Gas-Gas Fruit, Liquids; Mud aka Numa Numa no Mi or Swamp-Swamp Fruit, & Solids; Ice, magma, or sand. I don't think I even need to list these devil fruit names but the Hie Hie no Mi or Ice-Ice Fruit, the Magu Magu no Mi or Magma-Magma Fruit, and the Suna Suna no Mi Or Sand-Sand Fruit. Next, we have the next level of Logia's. Primal Elements. These Elements are Light aka the Pika Pika no Mi or the Glint-Glint Fruit & Darkness aka Yami Yami no Mi or the Dark-Dark Fruit. They have different unique abilities based on their concept of these Elements and not just where they fit into the 4 states of matter. Primal Element Logia's, are the strongest and rarest kinds of Logia Devil Fruit. Primal Element Logia's are equal to Mythical Zoan & Special Paramecia in terms of powers and abilities.

Fun fact: What killed Ace was Haki being used against Ace with his Magma Devil Fruit being awakened. Not because his heat was hotter. Probably conquers armament Haki at that. Okay, maybe not so fun fact but it makes sense.

Paramecia was an interesting one until I got to looking at each Paramecia Devil Fruit. There was a theme between the different kinds of Paramecia Devil Fruit. First, there are two different subcategories: effects that can only affect oneself & effects that can affect something else, so, self alteration & environmental alteration. What I noticed was that there were Concepts, Objects, Edible, and Special Paramecia. When you start to see it this way you start to understand how Paramecia work. You have Concepts, the very idea of something being turned into a special ability. Like as Matt Crawford aka Tekking101 said, "The Woshu Woshu no Mi or Wash-Wash Fruit is the weirdest devil fruit." It's the very concept of Washing and drying out your clothes but if you use this power on people you wash out whatever you want from them on a concept level. If she was a villain and thought being good was actually being evil then while she thinks she is washing the evil out of them she would be actually washing the good out of them. All because of the concept of washing and drying out your clothes. Objects are even better, springs or the Bane Bane no Mi or the Boing-Boing Fruit is the perfect example of being an object. Objects are man-made things like springs or weapons. To really understand the difference between the two I found 2 fruit that is similar but in each category. The concept of being a weapon the Supa Supa no Mi or Dice-Dice fruit and actually becoming a weapon like the Buki Buki no Mi or Arms-Arms Fruit. Then we have 2 more that work which are being a human blade the Supa Supa no Mi or Dice-Dice fruit vs the concept of being able to cut through anything like it was paper like the Choki Choki no Mi or Shear-Shear fruit. Then next we have Edible which is a unique category that can only fit into the paramecia types of Devil Fruit. This is either food or a unique eating ability, and that's all we are going to say about that.. what? You want examples of Food and Edible kinds of Devil Fruit? Okay, for food we have most of Big Mom's children who have Devil Fruits like the Bisu Bisu no Mi or Bis-Bis Fruit & the Mochi Mochi no Mi or Mochi-Mochi Fruit. Then for unique eating abilities we have Baku Baku no Mi or Munch-Munch Fruit and the Kibi Kibi no Mi or Millet-Millet Fruit. Finally, we have special paramecia which is something that has the ability of all of the other categories in some way. Any of the 3 different kinds of Paramecia can be a special paramecia.

Fun fact: there are only two known tribes of people that have long noses. The square long nose tribe & the round long nose tribe. There has only been 1 member of the square long nose tribe to appear in the series after eating the giraffe-giraffe fruit. There are only 3 people of the round long nose tribe, God Usopp, Catarina Devon, and Blackbeard himself. If biology has taught me anything it's that not just anyone can have a long round nose and not be related. Is Catarina Devon Usopp's real mom?

Next, we have Zoan Devil Fruit! Everyone has already covered these fruit. But to briefly go over them they are Fruits that turn you into a shapeshifter with 1 animal assigned to that devil fruit.
Normal Zoan, is just normal animals. You can transform into a particular kind of animal and even have a hybrid halfway from of that animal giving you the best of both worlds.
Artificial Zoan, is a man-made devil fruit that barely works and doesn't give the same kind of abilities that Normal Zoan's do. They are weaker abilities and they can't fully transform into an animal. They can only transform parts of their body into parts of an animal.
Ancient Zoan, are of dinosaurs and other extinct animals.
Mythical Zoan, are based on creatures and people of mythology.
There is plenty of people out there that go into great details about Zoan Devil Fruit on YouTube. My favorite Youtubers for this information are Tekking101 and AnimeUproar Go check them out and learn everything you want to know about Zoan Devil Fruit.

Fun fact: the real reason why Momo's artificial dragon fruit was deemed a failure was because it had no soul so they couldn't bind it to an object. Only a devil fruit with a soul can bond with objects. If a Zoan fruit doesn't have a soul cause it was artificially created then there is nothing to bind to. It first needed to bond with someone with who it could build a connection to. To help it get a soul. It doesn't seal a soul but instead it uses memories and emotions to create its own voice. To give it a unique personality. Since it was never used it didn't have a soul it couldn't bind with an object & was deemed a failure. Okay, maybe not a fact and more like a theory..

Lastly, we have Angel Fruits. These are God-level Fruits that allow you to do things outside the realm of reality and even break it. They are a mixture of all of the other fruit with the added ability to break the way we view the world. They get to break all the rules. They are more than likely some of the original devil fruit. Unfortunately, the 4th classification of Devil Fruit is still a theory and is still a subject of debt. But I prefer the idea of Angel Fruits to parallel with Devil Fruits.

leaving thoughts, Could Zoro's new sword Enma have a devil fruit? Could that be who Zoro is meeting right now?


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