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'Once Upon a Time': 5 Reasons Why Hook Is Our Favorite Lovable Rogue

by Maggie Stancu 4 years ago in tv

From a chivalrous hero to a loving boyfriend, there isn't a doubt as to why Hook stole our hearts.

ABC's magical show Once Upon a Time is overflowing with amazing characters, from Snow White to the not-so-evil Queen, but perhaps most beloved by fans is the infamous Captain Hook. Many have promised to swear off the show if he were to leave it, and as a huge fan myself, I understand the reasoning. He's heroic and exciting, as well as brave and bad. He brings a lot to the screen and to the story, which makes him so easy to love! While they are countless reasons why he's a lovable character, here are five of the biggest reasons why so many fans adore Hook.

1. Hook is unexpectedly witty and charming.

Captain Hook is always described as a man who can be charming when he wants to be, but anyone who saw Disney's Peter Pan will have a struggle finding any allure to the character. However, this is a completely new interpretation of the classic villain, bringing him not only a new look, but new personality traits as well. He's no longer creepy, but witty and flirty. He brings his bad boy pirate swagger every time he enters a room. Whether he's seducing Emma Swan or engaging in a battle of wits with Regina. Even as a hero, he brings his edginess. It also helps that he rocks the eyeliner like there's no tomorrow.

2. He's brave in more than just battle.

There are many examples of characters who are brave when fighting against evil, but having the bravery to change your ways is one of the reasons we love Hook. Back in Season 2 he makes the major switch from villain to hero. After running off, he returns to Storybrooke with the magic bean that will allow them to travel to Neverland and save Henry. He even goes with them, fighting alongside the man he has spent years trying to kill. His fear is obvious, but he does the right thing in spite of it and that takes true courage. He proves himself in that moment and shows fans that he's even better at being good than he is at being bad.

3. He's willing to make the ultimate sacrifices for those he loves.

This is the mark of a true hero, and when he is finally put to the test, Hook does not back down. Given the choice between reverting back to his old ways and death, he chooses death. He would rather die a hero who is worthy of Emma's love than live a second without it. He not only is willing to die for Emma, but for the others as well — for her parents and for their friends; for people he used to fight against. This is one of the reasons why we not only love the character, but why we love the show.

4. He's a hopeless romantic.

Hook puts up a tough front, but this pirate has always had a romantic streak. His first great love, Milah (who was married to Rumpelstiltskin), stole his heart immediately. When Rumple killed her for running off with him, Hook spent much of his life trying to track him down and kill him for what he did. While it doesn't make his evil deeds right, they stemmed from heartbreak. When he falls for Emma all he wants to do is be the right guy for her. He wants to take her on a date and take her away from all the craziness in her life. He treats the women he loves with great respect and he loves them with deep passion.

5. His love for Emma conquers all.

The CaptainSwan relationship started off as a flirtation back in Season 2, but quickly developed into something more. Hook quickly fell head over heels for the savior, willing to do anything to be deserving of her love. He becomes a hero and starts taking the right path. At first it's because he knows he should, but he soon realizes that he actually enjoys being the hero! Where Rumple is unable to give up power and vengeance for Belle, Hook gives both up completely for Emma. And while he may be the biggest flirt on the show, he is also more devoted and loyal than everyone else. CaptainSwan is one of the biggest ships on television and there really isn't a question as to why.

From a chivalrous hero to a loving boyfriend, there isn't a doubt as to why this pirate stole our hearts.


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