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Nomadland - A Movie Review

'Nomadland' enlightens viewers with a sincere story and beautiful cinematography.

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Based on the book written by Jessica Bruder, Nomadland is a 2020 film. Fern, a grieving woman decides to pack up her life into a van and live as a nomad. Finding work and meeting new people as she travels around the American West, Fern explores her emotions.

I became interested in Nomadland once Golden Globes season arrived. Nomadland is a profound film, detailing the life of modern-nomads. We all have a complex journey with grief. Nomadland enlightens viewers with a sincere story and beautiful cinematography.

Frances McDormand once again succeeds in a commemorating portrayal. She brings her eccentric personality to the screen. To make her performance more authentic, McDormand embraced the part of living a nomadic lifestyle for four months of shooting.

Fern has gone through several tragedies. Fern showcases a valuable lesson to audiences about the grieving process. It takes time, but the lessons that we learn are beneficial. McDormand’s Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress is well deserved.

The people whom Fern meets along her journey as a nomad help her embrace this lifestyle. You never know who you will meet in life. Nomadland is a moving character study. We all come from different backgrounds, but we all have a story.

Did you know that some of the people who Fern talks to are real nomads? That was a great decision. Some credits to mention are Linda May, Swankie, Bob Wells, and Derek Endress.

Shoutout goes to Swankie for creating a commemorating character arc. Her interactions with McDormand are the best. She delivered a beautiful monologue detailing life to the heart.

David Strathairn makes a credible appearance. Strathairn and McDormand’s interactions were a highlight. Friendship is a gift. I like what he did to his character. Not a perfect person, David’s nomadic journey helps him connect with his life.

Melissa Smith deserves mention for her short appearance. No matter how small anyone’s part is in Nomadland, everyone makes an impact. We all have a different way of looking at life.

Cinematically, Nomadland obtained captivating scenery. This film makes you admire traveling all the more. Sometimes, we have to escape life. Filmmakers chose great locations of mountains, land, deserts, and sunsets. Camera angles were planned out very well attaining the mood in wide-shots.

The film spends a lot of time watching Fern walk for long distances. I liked this direction. Not only were viewers gifted with more incredible shots of scenery but it delivered the right mood. The scenes where Fern traveled around in her van were outstanding.

Chloe Zhao’s direction was open-minded. Her direction was a standout making decisions that made an impact on the story. She filmed quick scenes. To me, they felt metaphorical. We don’t need to view every second of one’s life. Zhao captured the significant moments, directing the actors with great emotional value to this story.

Zhao presented a powerful story about a life many people would never think about. The life of a nomad is exciting. It’s a lifestyle of freedom and connection. But it is dangerous. You have to take this life very seriously.

Grieving takes time. Nomadland helps anyone who is feeling lost. It influences audiences to go out and take an adventure. Make connections. Most importantly, we cannot lose ourselves. It is okay if you never stop grieving, but you have to live life.

Nomadland is a beautiful film. Give it chance. It was a touching story and it really made me think. Don’t miss out on it. I wish it the best at this year’s Golden Globes.

Marielle Sabbag
Marielle Sabbag
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Marielle Sabbag

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