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By 'Vive AkughaPublished 11 months ago 8 min read
Collage of YouTube channel owners' pages

I am writing on several YouTube channels that put out and share Nollywood content through my recent watches. These choices were originally part of my Brief and not-so-brief opinions article line-up but I decided to make an article on them instead. Many are company-owned channels, producer's channels, re-upload channels and more. I already mentioned Uduak Isong Tv, Redtv, and Ndanitv in my Youtube channels cinema enthusiasts and pessimists might appreciate article but I found some more.

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Getting along(Movie)-Uduak Isong Tv

This movie is a tale about warnings, forgiveness, endurance, wisdom, and cheating. The movie re-affirms that you should not take people for granted and you should not sleep with married men. Michelle seemed irrational many times, especially in the beginning but it's understandable to certain degrees. Henry, Jason's friend, knew Jason's actions were wrong and warned him despite enabling him as well (as he acknowledged). I was happy Zainab, Michelle's friend, was not one of Jason's side chicks. It was great that she still had her friend. Michelle's plan to involve the girls in his recuperation was intelligent and resourceful despite the entrapment. I didn't know about Eddie previously but he played his role well and this is Ebube's best performance I've seen. I have some things to point out like we still didn't get to know which girl was with him when he had a stroke. At some point, it seemed like it might be Zainab but it may have been another girl since the girls that assisted were confused about his condition. I want to say that the ending was interesting, it's good that she forgave him and all as they agreed it would be the last time but even he knows she will always forgive him as he previously said he would always be in luck with her. So it's hinting at the continuous cycle because despite the difference between this situation and the past, does he actually become better?

Video Credit-Channel Owner

Someone Special (Movie)-Uduak Isong Tv

I have a few opinions, they are:

  • Mildred-Queen
  • Ladun-Queen
  • Emeka-Pure
  • Her mother-comical but well-intended
  • Her dad-supportive
  • The wedding souvenir story on the phone was hilarious though.

Video Credit-Channel Owner

Breakfast (Movie)-RuthKadiri247

I had several thoughts while watching, they are: 

  • The second movie I've watched of Ruth and Eddie being a couple. The first movie was Crazy Matilda.
  • I can't hahahaha
  • Ruth is a great actress
  • Eddie is a great actor
  • The second thing I've watched of Scarlet being a seamstress/stylist
  • The first movie I watched was about superficial expectations versus reality and this is as well. Eddie's roles had great character in both.
  • Ruth is hilarious, I can't
  • Na wa oooo
  • Haaaa
  • They are adorable, good for both of them.
  • Good for her for learning at the end.
  • Lmaoo after all that Donald said 'okay'. He really couldn't be bothered.
  • The movie was great!
  • Ruth's movies are really good. She works in front and behind the camera. I liked her character in Strange Proposal and I also liked Man and Wife.
  • Scarlet was great(especially in the scene she cried)and Deza too because Donald was the worst.
  • The movie has the one-bed trope and the fake relationship trope.
  • I'm shocked the father never discovered that they were pretending to be a couple in order to get their confessions of love, as usual, but I actually prefer this, it was pure.
  • The movie is about different perspectives, a change being needed, misplaced priorities, putting unfair pressure on others, and wanting your own identity. However, the movie says it's good to accept help because it can make things easier while working to create your own path.

Video Credit-Channel Owner

Seperate ways(Movie)-RuthKadiri247

This was good, I was wondering where it was going but it was good. I was happy that there was nothing off about her friend and that her husband truly didn't change. I was happy that her friend was there for her, told her mother-in-law and called her dad for the police which saved them. I felt bad about Michael's abandonment, he was horrid though.

Video Credit-Channel Owner

Karma and I(Movie)-Uchenna Mbunabo Tv

I liked that it was all an act to teach her because I felt bad for her at a point. Although her priorities were very misplaced, her husband truly loved and believed in her. It was nice to see his genuineness and effort. The movie shows that you shouldn't be fake on social media to be an influencer but be true to you or there will be consequences for the extremities and lies. We never even saw the Laura she wanted to beat haha. Ray and Ebube stay coupled up though. This was so good!

Video Credit-Channel Owner

Extremely love ready(Movie)-Uchenna Mbunabo Tv

The movie deals with the importance of being you and the importance of not being overly vulnerable on social media because it could be used like in the movie. Loved their sisterhood.

Video Credit-Channel Owner

When Are We Getting Married(Show)-REDTV

The show was good, I don't know if they're going to continue it though. It has eleven episodes and with each episode, their relationship is tested. Edith and Fenwa face personal issues and relationship issues. They learn the importance of communication, the importance of working together, and the importance of knowledge of compromisable and non-compromisable factors.

Video Credit-Channel Owner

Craving(Movie)-APANPA TV

The movie is about marriage, relationships, communication, wants and sexual compatibility. It is comical but has a heartwarming ending compared to the tumultuous beginning. I liked the last scene. Uzor is always shouting hahaha. Everyone was great. It's a couples' therapeutic activity that worked for some and didn't for others depending on what they wanted to achieve.

Video Credit-Channel Owner

Flip of love(Movie)-APANPA TV

I have a few opinions, they are:

  • Ha! He really left her 
  • Can't believe Trisha really killed him, that's crazy
  • Osas should've listened to his wife but oh well.
  • The grass is not greener?!
  • Isn't that kidnapping?
  • Bimpe's efforts were endearing, she deserves better
  • Can't believe Ifeoma has been planning to get Ken and won? Haaa
  • Can't believe Ifeoma hired someone to check things about Ken and on his behalf. And for so long too
  • Happy the officers took the son, but to where? He's not with Ken, so…
  • For someone that worried so much about being killed, she was the killer
  • Osas' moral correctness or weakness was hilarious to me because it was sad how much confidence she had in him
  • Trisha was right to not be unhappy in marriage but her actions were not the best. Osas, the man she wanted to run away with was not sure of her the first time when he had the chance as they said but was going to be sure now? It's funny too how he was sterner with them not continuing the plan when he found out the child was his but was fine running away with her and her child when he thought was his Ken's. He also cared a bit more about Bimpe's feelings and efforts while fearing Ken's anger.

Video Credit-Channel Owner

Wife material(Movie)-NollyRok Studios 

I had several thoughts while watching, they are:

  • The whole losing her baby act was a terrible thing to do
  • This is my first watch of Annie Macauley-Idibia's performance
  • Lmaooo everyone wants Gerald
  • Caro is just unbelievable, she really said "madam of the house"
  • Points were made though hahaha
  • This woman and she wonders why she's been fired so many times haha
  • She had a point of her having her own but not that way
  • She said she's replaceable and was wondering why she was in a mood
  • He did the rose petals to room thing. I'm surprised she isn't elated tbh 
  • I can't, all her friends are opponents. The talk with Caro and Kasey is horrible. They're praying for her downfall to steal her husband and life. 
  • Ahhh hahaha he finally had enough
  • Kim really came to try again.
  • Not "next in line" hahaha
  • "Game plan" hahaaa
  • He actually slept with Kim? I can't believe it, really? Nawa ooo, I thought they were leading us on before
  • Hahahaha she really did this right beside him to make sure he heard, not even far away for him to eavesdrop 
  • Annie played Caro so well 
  • At least she asked kindly first 
  • She could have just been like that, she was doing well actually. The intention was not pure but the effort was there
  • Not "you belong to the streets"
  • There was something Cassy didn't tell her about why she no longer posts her husband, I wonder if it will come up again. 
  • Why was she so shocked he remembered her birthday?
  • I think it's shady they used Onyi Alex for this but whatever 
  • So she wants to get all these, divorce him and get the money settlement? Wow
  • We know Gerald is rich but how rich is he?
  • He laughed it off, well, at least he caught on.
  • "Your life is fake, that's a big mistake" hahaha. The song is hilarious.
  • Here goes the reveals
  • Ohhhh, Cassy's been divorced for a whole year that's why she doesn't post about her husband anymore.
  • Gerald served Daphne divorce papers and smiled throughout too 
  • He didn't sleep with Kim. This makes more sense
  • Gerald really did a girlfriend reveal ahhhhahahaha
  • Caro is vexing haha
  • Kim thought she would be considered too? Haha
  • Not them insulting his girlfriend because she's not thick (endowed), crazy. I mean they did talk about bodies throughout the movie as Caro talked about being natural and Daphne's friend said she took a while to save to get her current body, so I guess they were in shock about the body differences but still.
  • Stan, Onyi and Annie were great!

Video Credit-Channel Owner

Lagos Big Girl(Show)-Cotseries

This show is about becoming famous, rich and a 'Lagos big girl' at all costs. There are nine episodes. I liked their working friendship but they took their plans too far. I was happy someone found out about her false rape accusation which was horrible, especially as blackmail. It shows that her actions got or will get consequences for her lies.

Video Credit-Channel Owner

MTV Shuga Naija-MTV Shuga

MTV Shuga Naija is back with a new season, new cast and new stories. It's their fifth season. I enjoyed season 4 and wished they continued where they left off but I'm open to new stories. Although, from the 'Meet the Cast' video I saw that Wasiu played by Tomiwa Tegbe is back in this season. The number of episodes is uncertain as it's still ongoing but new episodes come out on Wednesdays at 8:00 pm WAT or 3:00 pm EST.

Video Credit-Channel Owner

Love and Lies(Movie)-Oluchi Afundu Tv 

The movie deals with trauma, single parenthood, as well as the positives and negatives of dating as a single mother. The girls were great and this is Onyi's best performance I've seen.

Video Credit-Channel Owner

There are so many others like Nevada Bridge Television, Royal Arts TV, Bconceptnetwork, MoreplexMovies, EDDIE WATSON TV, ChinneyLoveEze Tv, and Nazo Ekezie Tv, but that's all for now.

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