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By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 years ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
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I’ve watched various film-based channels and thoroughly enjoyed them. I think they should be noted if you’re a cinema hater, lover, or just curious. Many are very interesting with different perspectives as well as the methods they apply. To depict their different styles, I picked a central movie-Avengers Infinity War (2018).

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The Film Theorists

They explore different theories from a research-based background. Calculation and fact-checking are included in their process. Some can be potentially scarring like the origins of Donkey from Shrek. Although I can never unsee that, it was wonderfully linked and mind-boggling. They have other channels to test games and food theories. I also like the Ratatouille video, the sister links from Frozen and Tangled as well as the Emoji movie video.

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The Take

This channel investigates the different tropes in cinema with their origins, impact, and examples. They also do analyses, messages, character breakdowns, the director focuses, and aspects of pop culture. Various videos have expanded my thought process and understanding. Their Cinderella video was one of my most enjoyable videos from them.

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Their method uses a point system. They sin different aspects of films to a total. It is neither strict nor used in a scoreboard. The sins are the flaws, wrongs and what they feel is odd in movies. They have other channels to sin Tvshows, music videos, and commercials. They are perceived as mostly negative or hateful towards films due to their unpredictable sinning method. Sins are often removed if they are impressed or pleased when appreciating various aspects. I think one of their more positive sinnings was their Wreck-it-Ralph movie video.

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Although seemingly unaffiliated with CinemaSins, they have a similar point system and name as them. However, they count the positives and great aspects of films as wins. This is the opposite of the previous channel and could be a fresh outlook for people meaning to appreciate certain things in cinema. I enjoyed their Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse video.

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Screen Junkies-Honest Trailers

This channel creates trailers from movie analyses, current situations, and whatever else they consider based on media. They make brief summaries using the movie trailer voice. I enjoyed their video on every streaming service.

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How It Should Have Ended

Alternate endings are implemented on this channel. They also have dubs that give different perspectives through replaced interactions in films. Dubs give a comedic factor to the clips they use which poke fun at various things within the movies. They also link different cinematic universes such as Marvel and DC with their created pubs and cafes. I enjoyed their How Spider-Man Far From Home Should Have Ended video.

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Emergency Awesome

This channel could be considered a home for all Science-fiction movies and series. It includes analyses, breakdowns, and hidden easter eggs of various films. Most knowledge is based on comic books or is considered when creating videos. I watched all the Wandavision breakdowns on there and enjoyed them.

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These are channels I have been familiar with. Others I have watched from, recently realized or thoroughly enjoyed are:

The channel names are hyperlinked to the videos I've watched from them or their channel page. These include analyses, reviews, re-edited versions, fashion in films/shows, reactions and other approaches. Several channels do movie analyses or feature movie or tv show content without necessarily being a movie-based channel as well. I came across some others and had some suggested to me. I couldn't believe I forgot some and really enjoyed others, so I added them to the existing list. Do you know any of these or others?

I hope you enjoy them!

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