New 'Dragon Ball Super' Movie Confirmed

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A Saiyan Origins 'Dragon Ball Super' movie written by Akira Toriyama is scheduled for December of 2018.

New 'Dragon Ball Super' Movie Confirmed

It has been some time now that we got the official confirmation that Akira Toriyama, the creator of the original Dragon Ball series, will be creating a brand new Dragon Ball Super movie. Fan translators have started to share information about the film after it was shared during Jump Festa's Dragon Ball Heroes live-stream. That is where the news broke that Toriyama would be overseeing the script and character designs for the 2018 film. The broadcast went on to confirm that the movie would dive deep into the Saiyan race and explore their original strength.

The Strongest Warrior Race, the Saiyans!

The film is still in production and will cap the past decades of super movie titles. Since 1986, our friends at Dragon Ball have gifted the fandom nineteen movie. They have lovingly filled them with the most memorable of heroes and villains. In recent years we have witnessed a renaissance of the Dragon Ball series. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, released in 2013, was well received and led to Dragon Ball Super being picked up for an anime series with a minimum 100 episode contract. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F followed that up with more success in 2015, leading to Toonami's confirmation of the English dubs rights in America.

The 20th Featured Production

Now, I know there are some fans who want to jump and ask the big obvious question, is it canon? But why care about that right now? Whether any given movie is considered part of the canon or not, each and every one of the movies or special have expanded the world of Dragon Ball, and we should look for this new movie to do the same.

On the first day of Jump Festa, we got major confirmed news. Firstly that you can now visit an official Dragon Ball website for all your Dragon Ball news and it called Second, that the new Dragon Ball Super movie is going to dive into the origins of the Saiyans.

It's still too early for even the movie's name but, the Sensei, Akira Toriyama is already at work on the themes and illustrations. Much of the fandom will be pleased to hear that as many of the criticism of the most recent anime came from critiques on the animators quality. The story has also been called into question on numerous occasions and this movie should give the original creator the chance to rectify as much of that as he can. They will have the luxury of taking their time unlike during the anime run where they had to crank out a new episode every week.

In the past, Dragon Ball shorts and festival episodes have featuring events from the past, and it looks as if we can expect more of the same. "Bardock The Father of Goku" is the story of Bardock, a soldier in the Emporer Frieza's heinous army. His son, Kakarot, is born on Planet Vegeta and is being prepared to be sent off to Earth. His mission while there will be to destroy all life. Key information is often released this way and adds to the shape of the Dragon Ball universe. Bardock was popular enough to gain two episode showcasing the origins of the Saiyans, including major parts in the video and card games.

Bardock the Father of Goku

The second Bardock episode starts where the first leaves off; Bardock has failed to save planet Vegeta from Lord Freeza. However, instead of blowing up with the planet, as we seen before, he survives and wakes up in a small house. A purple colored creature introduces himself as Ipana and informs Bardock that he is on the Planet Plant which Bardock recalls was the former name of Planet Vegeta. Suddenly the village is attacked by the pirate Chilled's henchmen, whom Bardock easily defeats, earning him the gratitude of the villagers.

After a while, Chilled comes to find out what happened to his henchmen. The people of Planet Plant tell him that a man called Bardock rescued them. Due to the familial resemblance, Bardock at first mistakes Chilled for Freeza and immediately goes to wreck his face, but Chilled claims the upper hand and squashes that attempt. However, Chilled messes up and fires an attack at the purple inhabitants of Planet Plant. Bardock is not ok with this attack on his new friends and in a tempest of anger turns into a Super Saiyan.

Chilled laughs and says that your blonde hair isn't going to change anything and he attacks Bardock with his blasts. Guess what, it has no effect on Bardock anymore. Now as the tables have been firmly turned, Chilled asks who he is, to which Bardock replies that he is just a Saiyan. Chilled launches a final attack to destroy the planet, which is such a classic Frieza move, however Bardock overpowers it and sends Chilled into outer space. The dying Chilled tells his henchmen to warn his family about Super Saiyans. Revealing that Bardock was the Super Saiyan from centuries ago, making him partially responsible for the events of the entire series as it was Freeza's fear of the Super Saiyans that drove him to wipe them all out and leading to Goku being sent to Earth.

You can also catch up with the Dragon Ball Super story every month as the manga is still active as well as the English dubbing. These are looking like the will conclude with all of the current lore around the end of the year the same time that this new theatrical production is to be released.

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