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My Unpopular Film Opinions

An Updated List...

By Annie KapurPublished 18 days ago • 5 min read
From: TechRadar

I have many unpopular opinions about cinema and most of them go relatively unnoticed by the film crowd. However, once in a while I will say something that really pisses someone off and I cannot lie, I really like that feeling. If you are pissed off by someone else's opinions about film then I'm sorry, but that is 100% a 'you' problem. Film is all about having differing opinions and viewpoints, different ways of thinking about things and the diversity of opinion is what keeps art going strong. Well, without further interruption I will tell you about 5 unpopular opinions I hold about cinema and explain briefly why I hold them.

I would like to apologise in advance to anyone who likes/dislikes these aspects of cinema. This is in no way a reflection of my opinion on the people who hold different views than myself. It is just an opinion, no need to tear your hair out - sit down.

1.Federico Fellini movies are all terrible and so is Mastroianni

From: Queensland Art Gallery

Before anyone starts throwing tomatoes at me, hear me out. Fellini's movies are all practically the same. Some guy gets upset so goes and harrasses some women until he gets what he wants. It isn't complex or thoughtful, it's a bit rapey and disgusting. I also won't befriend any man who has these films on his top 10 because that says a lot about him and I am not going anywhere near that.

The actors of Fellini movies as well, are often not very good and can only play one role. I do not think that Mastroianni is 'suave' and 'cool', I think he's overrated and often shallow as an actor in assuming that he's complex and artsy. He doesn't do anything daring - he's kind of just there. Forgettable, but there. He tried to make an entire career off being 'suave' but I can tell you that Bogart has more 'suave' and talent in his little finger than Mastroianni has in his entire career.

Before anyone asks, yes this does include 8 1/2 and La Dolce Vita. Those two films are especially terrible.

Please watch Nine instead. It explores the same themes, it is the same story as 8 1/2 but it has Sir Daniel Day-Lewis instead and is therefore a better movie.

2. Fantastic Mr Fox is Wes Anderson's best film

From: Disney+

Yes, I love The French Dispatch as much as the next person. I did have mixed feelings about Asteroid City and I was quite into The Grand Budapest Hotel. But there is nothing quite like Fantastic Mr Fox. An animated stop-motion movie filled with fun and delight and based on the best Roald Dahl book out there. The movie is just technically brilliant and has some amazing dialogue. I love the whole thing about earning a bandit hat and the little dance they do in the supermarket.

It's an ideal film whenever you're feeling down because it is just so clever. The entire redemption arc of Mr Fox as he tries to simply feed his family and help the other animals find food against the will of the evil farmers is awesome. There's action and adventure, there's laughter and fun and there's a really heartfelt story about family, friends and banding together. Wes Anderson's best film is definitely Fantastic Mr Fox.

3. Punch Drunk Love is not a good movie

From: Slant Magazine

It may not be Paul Thomas Anderson's worst movie but it more than definitely is not in his top three best films. I personally found the movie boring, predictable and unfortunate. There is very little actually happening, it is not realistic about very much to do with relationships and it also has Adam Sandler in it. I really do not know which is worse. Now, it has to be said that Inherent Vice is a much worse PTA film than Punch Drunk Love. The only difference is that a lot of people know Inherent Vice is awful - whereas, there are people that have Punch Drunk Love in their top 5. Nothing against those people here but please, have a little respect for yourselves.

4. Many movies set in the 1960s are awful as well...

From: Entertainment Weekly

No, I did not watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood again, it was bad enough the first time. As I have already said, I didn't enjoy Inherent Vice and there are probably a few more. But many of these films are trying to make the time of the Vietnam War, Commercialism and in some cases segregation - look glamorous and cool.

Personally, I think it is a bit lazy and that there was nothing cool about the 1960s except for the Civil Rights Movement. Be that as it may, many of these movies (not all of them but many of them) have too many stupid sounding buzzwords in them and the characters are either loser men with some drug problem or women who have no clothes and no personality. The stories are mostly the same and it is just an excuse for lazy writing and men being rapey. Honestly, most of them are just a mix of boring stories, bad dialogue and silly situations that are both unbelievable and eye-rollingly annoying.

5. Brigitte Bardot is a terrible actress

From: Pintrest

I never would have thought I would have to explain this one but my gosh is this woman awful in everything. My problem is that there are so many actresses who can do her thing better than she can. The only thing she portrays is the vapid, senseless bimbo who has the emotional and intellectual range of a washcloth. Also, apart from the acting I happen to know that she is a hateful human being and not very kind to those of different ethnicities. That cannot be good for the image. Regardless, her acting is hollow, silly and more than often, one-dimensional. Her roles have constantly been the same and if you've seen one film with her in, you've really seen them all.


Again, these are just some of the unpopular opinions I hold about cinema. I may come back with another list soon, that's if you don't already hate me. But for now, I'll go back to watching Fantastic Mr Fox.


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