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My Ten Unpopular Opinions About Film

Confessions of an Aspiring Filmmaker

By Annie KapurPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

As you know, there are common "popular beliefs" about film and then there are popular beliefs that are challenged and, like religion, wannabe-film-buffs run to the aid and scream down your throat about how you're wrong and can't possibly think that. They tell you that you know nothing about true filmmaking and the art behind it all—even though you (and not them) have been studying it for most of your life. For example: I once made a short horror/experimental film and showed it at a small showing at a bar with a group. Personally, I thought it was utter shite but it was somewhere to start—when someone asked me what I thought, I said "it was pretty crap to be fair." The other person then went for me, telling me it expressed new art and was a brilliant example of how the world is changing with metaphor-this and conceit-for-that. I told them that I made the film and then they shut up. This should show people that you can have any opinion about film you want and not care about what anyone else says to you. If you don't like something, you don't like it. It's your opinion—there's no film-bible. It's not a dictatorship run by James Cameron or Steven Spielberg—it's art and is supposed to be free-thought.

Here are my top ten unpopular opinions about films:

10. I thought 'Titanic' was boring.

Apart from all of the grand and breathtaking shots of the legendary ship—the film itself is predictable and boring.

9. 'Fight Club' is predictable.

There, I said the one thing everyone was thinking.

8. 'Avatar' was unnecessarily long and bored me to death.

I watched it once and I never watched it again.

7. I can't stand Daniel Craig as James Bond.

I thought he was brilliant in things like Layer Cake and other films such as Logan Lucky—but not as Bond. I can't see it as any good, just boring. Also, I only watch the new Bond films because of Q—Ben Whishaw is in gear people. He is the best ever.

6. 'Predestination' is an annoyingly pretentious film.

Everyone, including my brother, loves it. But I watched it after reading the story it was based on and thought both the story and the film were a bit pretentious—the film more so—I couldn't get into it. I found it to be annoying and trying to be too clever.

5. 'Batman Begins' is better than 'The Dark Knight' and 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

Well, this is going to be my own version of: How to lose friends and alienate people. I thought Batman Begins as an origin story, was probably the biggest one as it set up the floor for The Dark Knight and got all the anticipation going—plus those fight scenes were shot brilliantly.

4. 'Beauty and the Beast' (2017) was awful and a shame to the original.

Apart from Lumiere and Cogsworth—they were still cool. But the characters of Belle and the Beast were awfully played and so wooden compared to their cartoon equivalents.

3. I don't like 'The Bourne Legacy.'

Thought it was a pile of tripe—really shoehorned into the series and it is the one everyone would rather forget.

2. I hate the entirety of the 'Transformers' series and everything Michael Bay has ever done (including 'Bad Boys').

Don't look so shocked.

1. After 'Fight Club,' David Fincher's career went down the drain.

It did. It really did.


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