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My Review of "Tropic Thunder"

I know this is a very controversial movie but I still love it...

By Brian AnonymousPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Tropic Thunder is one of the last great Ben Stiller comedies that I continue to rewatch. It came out back in 2008 and I guess this is the last time they were able to use such offensive material for a comedic movie. Due to the social climate we have today this movie is considered very controversial because of the very risqué topics touched upon.

The movie hilariously starts off with some fake movie trailers. This is brilliant because it gives us a background of our main characters. Each main character is a celebrity. These trailers present to us who they are and why they're popular. Each trailer is done so beautifully as well. It really feels like real trailers we would see back in those days.

We have Jeff Portnoy who is a comedian who makes very low brow comedies. There's Kirk Lazarus who is a very well known and established Australian actor. Tugg Speedman is your stereotypical Hollywood action superstar. Finally we have a brand new actor on the set named Kevin Sandusky.

All of these actors are part of a new movie being filmed called Tropic Thunder. It's about a crazy story written from a Vietnam war veteran. They're filming on location in an exotic jungle in Asia.

Due to the fact that all of the big name celebrities are such divas in their own right the director is having problems controlling them. In fact he's having troubles controlling everything in the movie. This is when he gets some advice from the war vet that wrote the book. The suggestion was made to put the actors into the jungle by themselves as a team building exercise. Perhaps it would also shock them into finally obeying the director.

As the director doesn't really have a spine to say no to anything he agrees to this crazy idea. Soon they're in the jungle and all hell breaks loose. Some of them have wised up to the fact that there are real drug cartel warriors there to get them. It takes a while for them to realize this though.

While all this is happening there are a ton of things happening in the background. They make tons of satirical comments about the Hollywood industry and how they treat people. We see how they don't care of the outcomes of movies, just that they make the top people money. Lives don't matter, money does though.

Inside the jungle we start seeing more of the actors and who they really are. What makes them tick and their crazy eccentricities. It is utterly hilarious because of the absurdities that continue to happen to our main cast and how they react to the situations at hand.

Everything is so well crafted an thought out that you can kind of see how they probably pulled some of these situations from real life experiences. In some ways that's kind of messed up because of the way wigs in Hollywood act in this movie.

There are a lot of controversial things that they talked about. One of the biggest is namely Kirk who undergoes controversial skin pigmentation surgery to act as a black American man for the movie. If you watch the whole movie you see where they're going with this and in some ways they foresaw things to come in the future.

There are also jokes concerning Tugg playing a mentally challenged individual in a poorly panned movie. The list goes on with all of the politically incorrect scenarios that are added to this movie. I'm curious how people would take this movie in today. I know for sure this movie would be stopped immediately if they tried to make it today.

Overall, I had a great time with this movie. It's a classic for me but knowing the direction of how our society is today I kind of felt bad for enjoying this movie as well. I don't think any of the jokes were added in there out of malice or with bad intentions. I hope people watch the full movie before making any abrupt judgements. For me I still have to give this movie an 8 out of 10. It's just that enjoyable.


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