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My Review of "The Valet"

by Brian Anonymous about a month ago in review
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I didn't expect to like this movie as much as I did.

The Valet has recently started streaming exclusively on Hulu and Disney Plus. It's a movie that I think would have done rather decently in the theatres. That's why I'm a little curious why they immediately streamed this when they could have started out in the theatres.

The movie starts out setting up our main characters. We have Antonio who is an everyday person working as a Valet. He's an older man with a good sense of what's right and wrong. Although he doesn't have much he still cherishes the things he has. For example he loves his mother and son dearly. He even has high hopes he will get back with his wife that had recently separated from him.

The separation took him by surprise as they were both happy for quite a while and she just basically fell out of love with him. This confuses him and he can't seem to get any closure on the whole situation. Despite this the two still have an amical relationship.

Then we have Olivia. She's a major Hollywood star with a lot of side businesses she takes care of. Her life is on the rise as she's going to be releasing her newest movie and her side hustles are very dependent that she continues to stay on top.

Olivia has taken on an affair with a very powerful businessman named Vincent. He's a married man and his relationship with Olivia is secret because he doesn't want to lose his company. Vincent married an heir to a giant empire and it just so happens that she's allowing him to run the business.

A series of events take place that causes an accident outside the hotel in which Vincent and Olivia are conducting their elicit affair. The paparazzi are involved and Antonio just happens to be there at the same time.

Afraid of losing their empires Vincent and Olivia devise a plan to pretend Antonio is Olivia's new boyfriend. This is basically the big joke of the movie. Antonio is close to twice Olivia's age, he isn't extremely handsome and he doesn't have any wealth. The relationship becomes a social media sensation and everyone eats it up.

You'd think that this is the usual boy meets girl romantic comedy but it flips that script up a bit. Instead we get more of a relationship story that doesn't necessarily need the two main stars Vincent and Olivia to be romantically linked. It's a bit of fresh air and as the audience you won't be angry about this at all.

It's all done in a somewhat tasteful way that makes us reflect on their characters rather than their love life situations. Olivia is a lonely person despite the fact that she has fame and fortune. Vincent on the other hand has a lot of love around him but has no fame or fortune. The connection between the two work as they learn to what good partners really are.

They did a great story arch of Vincent's mother. She's the life of the movie. She basically steals the show on a number of occasions and her love life takes a good chunk of those scenes.

I also love how they play around with a multitude of cultures and sub cultures throughout the movie without making it feel forced. Usually when you see movies have some sort of cultural inclusion it is either awkward or really forced.

They play into some of these cultural issues with a lot of fun. There are several scenes of people disregarding Vincent due to his appearance. It's basically showing how racist we can be in everyday life and not realize it.

What we get here is a very fun movie that everyone can enjoy. It can get a little raunchy so I wouldn't advise this is there's kids around.

Overall, I felt that this movie was a breathe of fresh air with two charismatic leads. The relationships are all great and you just want to love everyone in this movie. I have to give this film an 8 out of 10. If you're looking for a movie with all sorts of emotions check this one out.


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