My Review of "The Spy Who Dumped Me"

A buddy comedy spy movie that has some clever moments but has a few stumbling points.

My Review of "The Spy Who Dumped Me"

The Spy Who Dumped me is a comedy that came out in 2018. It's got a lot of clever moments that I wished they would push more for but ultimately I found that the movie was a little uneven. That's not to say that you can't have some variety in a movie, it's just that some of it is too out of place.

The movie starts off with a birthday celebration. It's for our main character Audrey. She's down on her luck as she's celebrating it alone. Her boyfriend had recently broken up with her through a text and she's moping about the breakup.

Luckily for her she has a very loyal, plucky and eccentric friend by the name of Morgan. Obviously Morgan wants to get Audrey out of the dumps so she is trying her best to cheer her friend up. We meet up with some pretty funny character concepts in the movie as Morgan tries to cheer up Audrey. It would have been fun if some of those characters had a bigger part in the movie but they are very minor.

During the party Audrey's ex boyfriend seems to be dealing with international affairs. He's some sort of spy and he's gotten into some pretty crazy stuff.

On the other side of the world Morgan and Audrey are trying to come to peace with the fact that Audrey's ex is gone. Morgan writes some crazy threats to the ex and while he's escaping certain death he reads some of these hilarious messages. One of the messages concerned all of his belongings in Audrey's place.

Soon as you know it the ex comes back to Audrey. The two seemingly get back together and the whole thing goes awry when an assassin comes out of nowhere to attack them. Audrey and Morgan learn that Audrey's ex has been an international spy for all this time and they've been given a mission to give a statue to someone in Europe.

Audrey is definitely the straight and narrow friend and Morgan is the wild and crazy one. The odd couple have a debate about what to do and fortunately Morgan convinces Audrey to fulfill her ex's wishes.

From there on the movie gets chaotic but in a pretty good way. I really love movies of accidental spies. It's comedy gold that really isn't tapped into that much. They have a lot of fun with some of the scenes that they did in this movie.

I like the fact that Morgan and Audrey complete crazy tasks out of sheer luck and unexpected skills. The chemistry between the two characters is unmistakable. They really go well together. Their odd couple formula is really on point here and made me feel like these two have been really good friends for a long time.

I really wished that they would put a few more scenarios of how they unwittingly defeat their enemies though. Those were pretty fun throughout the movie but I understand you can't have too many of them because of the runtime.

The only thing that I kind of couldn't stand was some of the over the top antics by Morgan. For the most part she was a very funny character and I really like her character but some of it was a truly a bit much. It was so much that it was even a common joke throughout the movie that she was a bit much. Some of the antics really didn't fit the movie and I thought they were really unnecessary additions to the movie. Still it kind of fits with her character but it was a bit annoying at times.

Overall, I still liked this movie and I did enjoy most of the movie so I can't say that it's absolutely terrible. It had some clever scenes in there that I thought were pretty well done and the chemistry between the characters is good. I have to give this movie a 6 out of 10. With a little refinement this would have been a repeat watched movie.

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