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My Review of "The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad!"

by Brian Anonymous 2 years ago in review
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Old school humor that I totally forgot existed. Yes it may trigger some people but this movie is funny.

The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad! came out back in 1988 so I could already imagine all of the things in the movie that might trigger people. Triggers aside, this is actually a really funny movie. I forgot that they made movies like this and this could very well have been a starting point for some of the comedies that came out in the 90's.

This movie starts out in Beirut where there is a whole slew of caricatured world leaders meeting to discuss some sort of terrorist act against America. Little did they know our main protagonist Frank Drebin is among them. He pretty much kicks everyone's ass in hilarious fashion and basically tells them not to mess around with the municipal police. The whole situation is absolutely absurd. I forgot how good Leslie Nielsen is playing the idiotic straight man.

His delivery is so perfect and well timed. There's always a sense that he is aware of what he's doing but yet still naive to know what's actually going on. I don't know what it is but this guy cracks me up.

For some odd reason the Queen is coming to Los Angeles and Frank's police squad has been assigned to protect the queen. Frank somehow uncovers this secret plot to assassinate the Queen. Unfortunately he can't really get the perpetrator because he's burned the evidence.

There's not much to the story and it's absolutely ridiculous with mind control and hypnosis. Still that's not what you came here for. You came here for the comedy and this movie has it in spades. There's so many sight gags and hilarious dialogue that you have to rewind and re-watch things to see if you fully understood what had actually happened. The scenarios are quite clever too.

I loved this cop and snitch conversation that Frank has with the local snitch. He bribes the snitch to give him information and then somehow it switches over where the snitch is bribing Frank to give him more information. The exchange continues over and over until Frank wins out and the snitch actually owes Frank money at the end of the conversation.

The sight gags are plenty from start to finish. Everything is over the top. Death scenes aren't just death scenes they're overblown epic scenarios where someone would be falling into one death trap after another.

Also what's a comedy without some inappropriate toilet humor. There's tons of that and some sexual scenes that might not necessarily be politically correct to today's standards. I guess it's because I grew up in the 80's that I found the scenes still pretty funny. I'm kind of a terrible person.

Yes O. J. Simpson plays Frank's best friend Nordberg and some people might freak out about that but this is when O.J. was at the top his media game. There's also scenes with some fish that animal activists will definitely frown upon. So many things in this movie would be deemed inappropriate in today's sensitive climate. I mean there's a fireworks store that explodes and you see Chinese people running away with their Chinese hats and everything. I'm Chinese and I thought it was funny though.

This all came at a time when comedy was written with no repercussions so I guess the writers had artistic freedom to do whatever they wanted. When writers are allowed to write freely like this they're allowed to brainstorm and a lot of ideas can come out freely and naturally. This movie felt natural and free. I miss that in some of the movies that we have today. I feel like some of the movies today have to appease to many groups that they lose some of the focus of what they're actually about.

Overall, I really liked this movie. It was a blast from the past and even though I know some people will be triggered by this movie I will be recommending this movie to some of my friends. They might think that I'm a little wacktified but they got to give it a try. I have to give this movie an 8 out of 10. I will be looking forward to seeing the sequels again in the near future.


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