My Review of "The Meg"

A monster disaster film with a giant shark. What more could you ask for?

My Review of "The Meg"

The Meg never really appealed to me even though it's technically a monster disaster movie. I generally take the time to watch these movies because they're dumb fun but there's something about this movie that didn't really interest me. It's weird because it has all the elements that I usually ask for in a disaster movie. When I finally got to watch it, I wasn't disappointed. I still had the fun that I usually expect to have with these type of movies.

This movie starts off with a deep sea diver by the name of Jonas. He's sent to the deep sea to rescue some passengers on a submarine. It's dramatic and over the top. He rescues a slew of passengers but there's something in the water that is going to crush the submarine. Jonas makes the decision to close the hatch because if he attempts to save the others it could spell doom for everyone.

His decision makes a lasting impression since no one else believes there was something in the water with them and he's felt the guilt of leaving his friends for dead in that submarine that exploded. He truly believes that there was something down there that had detonated that submarine.

Years later there's there's a high tech sea exploration facility out in the middle of the ocean. They believe that the Mariana Trench is not the deepest you can go into the ocean. There's a theory that the bottom of the Mariana Trench is a layer of gas that leads further to a prehistoric area of the ocean.

Their financier comes in to observe the great discovery and it so happens that they were right all this time. Little do they know, there are also prehistoric predators down there at the bottom of the ocean as well. Maybe Jonas wasn't wrong about what he saw many years ago when he saved those survivors from the submarine.

It's an interesting premise for a science fiction story. I thought it was kind of clever. They didn't need to be this clever for this story because really people are here to watch humans fight a giant shark. Still this is an admirable story-line to follow.

I like a lot of the characters in this movie. You can tell that they used Jason Statham as a star attraction to this movie. Despite the fact that the majority of this movie is in English I always had a feeling that this was actually a Chinese movie. A lot of the settings and characters were Chinese. It was actually pretty interesting to see this in a movie. I think this movie is definitely catered to Chinese audiences.

They had a lot of Chinese cliches throughout the movie. They had attractive leads and really cute kid in the movie. There were also tons of corny jokes throughout the movie. Jonas is a stereotypical lead as well. He's tough when he needs to be and he's uncharacteristically sensitive in other situations. There's no real consistency to his character. They try to make him an everyday man that is a superman whenever he has to be.

The special effects for the film were really hit and miss. There were however more misses than hits. A lot of the time you can really tell that the CGI is there. A lot of the movie can seem off because they seem like real life people in a cartoon setting or dealing with cartoons around them.

Still, we're here to see a giant shark and that's what we got. It's pretty entertaining watching them figure out new ways of getting this shark. There's a bit of a twist at the end that I enjoyed. It also kind of doesn't discount any sequels from being made.

Overall, this was an entertaining film from start to finish. I still don't know why I was so apprehensive of watching this one. It was fun from the start to finish. It's pretty much everything that I expected from a movie like this. I have to give this movie a 7 out of 10. The only thing is I don't think I'd go out of my way to watch this movie again.

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