My Review of "The King"

A period drama about King Henry V. The movie makes no mention that it's based on true events.

My Review of "The King"

I was told to watch The King by a friend of mine. He said that I'd like it because it was well made. My hesitation came from the fact that it was a Netflix made movie. Yes, The King is a Netflix exclusive, but it's got some pretty heavy hitting Hollywood stars in it.

In this movie, the main character is Hal, played by Timothée Chalamet. He's the son of the tyrant King Henry IV, played by Ben Mendelsohn. King Edward IV has pretty much put everyone at war with one another. Hal and his father don't look eye to eye on many of their political aspirations for the country and there was a huge falling out between them in the past. Hal hasn't seen his dad in years and is basically shunned from the royal family.

Unfortunately, King Henry IV has fallen ill and is about to die at any moment. Everyone pretty much pleads to Hal that he has to come back to at least talk to his dad before he dies. When he does finally agrees to go to see the king, he gets a slap in the face. Well it's not really a slap in the face. They both want what happens. King Henry IV makes Hal's younger brother Thomas, played by Dean-Charles Chapman as the rightful heir to the throne after he dies.

Hal still cares for his brother though. He doesn't want Thomas to go off and continue to fight his dad's wars. So when Thomas goes to his first battle, Hal tries to warn Thomas on the battlefield that he shouldn't fight their father's wars. Thomas basically wants to make a name for himself because he's pretty much known as a soft kid.

Obviously, Thomas doesn't heed Hal's warnings and basically gets himself killed. Soon King Henry IV also succumbs to his illness and Hal reluctantly becomes King Henry V. The story then truly starts here.

The intro is pretty long but it isn't boring. It builds the characters and allows the viewers to understand what their motivations are and how the characters change throughout the movie. There are a few slower parts and there are a ton of characters and political issues going on. At times I even got lost with some of the stuff that was going on.

It's a movie but some of it played out as if it was a TV show and we were expected to know the characters already. There wasn't enough time for us to learn all of the characters. Maybe some of the characters are based on people in real life but there was no mention in the movie that anything was based on real life events.

There was some interesting foreshadowing throughout the movie and I have to say that the payoff was fun albeit predictable. Hey it's a movie we know something bad has to happen for the movie to move along. You have to go along with the story.

I have to say that the production value of this movie was pretty high up there. For a Netflix exclusive I wasn't expecting this caliber of movie. Then again after seeing The Irishman I'm starting to become impressed with some of Netflix's growing library of movies. They had pretty well known actors play in this movie and they weren't hamming it up in this movie either. They played their roles really well and it was a lot of fun. I have to say that Robert Pattinson's portrayal of the Dauphin was a romp. You can tell he had fun playing it. I guess you can say he hammed it up a little playing this evil character but it was fun watching it.

There was shockingly no love story involved in this movie. It was a straight up political and military war movie based in the middle ages. In some ways wars are a little more interesting back then because they didn't have the technologies we have today. They really had to think about the weather and the armor of the day and trust in intuition.

Overall, I would say that this was an enjoyable film. I'm glad my friend recommended the movie to me. Sure there's a few setbacks but they weren't distracting. The only issue I had was at some parts of the movie there was a lot of political things going on with characters I wasn't totally familiar with. Was this my fault? Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention? I don't know. I still had a fun time watching it though. I'll have to give this movie a 7 out of 10. It's a worth watching and worth recommending to a friend to watch.

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