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My Review of "The Iron Monkey (1993)"

This movie has it all, comedy, beautifully choreographed fight scenes, fun story and a ton of heart.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 26 days ago 3 min read

The Iron Monkey (1993) is a movie that I watched back when I was a teen and almost totally forgot about it. I don't know how that happened because it's a martial arts movie that you can have so much fun with. It ranks up there with the best that I've ever seen to this day.

It all starts out with a mysterious scene to show you the atmosphere, the setting and who the Iron Monkey is. There is a bit of explanation to tell you that corruption has taken over China. Shaolin monks have become corrupted and city officials are ruining cities with their greed. As a result, we need a Zorro or Robin Hood like character to save the villagers. That's basically who the Iron Monkey is. He steals from corrupt village officials and gives to the underprivileged.

By night he is the Iron Monkey but by day he is Dr. Yang. A brilliant doctor trying to help out villagers with their ailments. Alongside Dr. Yang is Miss Orchid, a beautiful assistant who is a badass of her own. They've been helping villagers out for quite a while and the officials are fed up. Officials will do anything to get rid of the Iron Monkey.

This is when they start rounding up anyone who has any suspicion of being the Iron Monkey. As they imprison all of these innocent people, they also apprehend Wong Kei-Ying and his son Wong Fei-Hong. Those that watch Chinese kung-fu movies may recognize the name Wong Fei-Hong and this is done on purpose. I guess it's to give this movie a little fabled legitimacy.

Wong Kei-Ying, being the do-gooder that his is accepts the law at first. That is until he realizes how corrupt the government is. The officials use his son as ransom so that he searches out and captures the Iron Monkey. We then have a bit of a cat and mouse game with Wong Kei-Ying and the Iron Monkey.

The stakes continually get higher as the Iron Monkey continues to thwart and steal from the officials despite their attempts to capture him. This culminates into a gigantic epic fight at the end that you won't forget.

This movie has it all. Some might not like some of the slapstick comedy in this movie but I loved it. The characters are all endearing and I loved how the story played out. The sets and costumes are beautiful and even more remarkable is the fight choreography. It is so imaginative and creative you start to wonder why movies aren't like this anymore.

The fights are all over the top so it may not be to everyone's tastes. They aren't realistic at all. These fights more resemble dance routines that have purpose. Each step, punch, kick and throw has some sort of reason. The camera angles perfectly capture the emotion and intensity that it's trying to portray to us. At times the scenes can be quite comedic and quirky. This makes sense as the Iron Monkey is imitating the rebelliousness of the monkey. Though there are also scenes that make you wince as they look utterly brutal and painful. There are a ton of props being added to the mix as well and each one of them are meticulously added to give us something special.

I love this movie because it feels as if they know what we want in the movie and gives it to us the best they could possibly do it. This movie should not be taken serious at all. It's all lighthearted and feel good. If you're okay with the violence in this movie it could very well be considered a family film.

Overall, as you can tell I loved it now just as much as I loved it back in the day. This is a movie that should truly be viewed by all to see if they're into this type of martial arts action movies. This movie is a great achievement and I will be recommending it to all my friends and family again. I have to give it a 9 out of 10.


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