My Review of "The Babysitter: Killer Queen"

The unexpected sequel to a wacky Netflix comedy horror film.

My Review of "The Babysitter: Killer Queen"

The Babysitter: Killer Queen is a sequel that I didn't think they'd come out with. The watched the first Babysitter movie back in 2017 when it first came out. I have to admit that I liked that movie because of the wacky comedy. There were few horror elements and felt a little angst-y. Being a teen movie I understood where they were going with that movie. This sequel is that movie dialed to 11. They were even wackier this time to the point of parody.

The movie starts out with the main character Cole, 2 years after the incident of the first movie. He's now in high school and a loner because all of the events that happened 2 years ago seemed to just have disappeared and he's the only person to know that it happened. Everyone thinks he's crazy because he's still being haunted by the events through PTSD. As a result he's taking pills and seeing a psychologist to get rid of the painful visions of the past and possibly forget about the events.

He has one friend at school, Melanie and he's got a crush on her. She definitely throws some signs that she's interested in him as well but she's already got a boyfriend. Still this is his only link to friendship that he has so he'll take what he can get.

Everything all changes when this new girl comes to his school. She's supposed to have come from some juvenile correctional place because she had killed her parents. This is the rumor anyways. When she introduces herself to the class she is definitely a little off her rocker but in a way Cole is fixated at her weirdness.

Wanting to help Cole out, Melanie decides that she wants to get Cole out to a party by the lake. After some coaxing she eventually convinces Cole to cut school to join her. That's when things get even crazier. Of course things have to get crazy when there's a bunch of teens at a party in a remote area.

Cole soon realizes that the ghosts of the teens trying to kill him in the first movie are after him. That's when the movie starts getting super wacky. The movie pretty much knows what it is and has fun with it. Some would think that this change in direction is totally off brand but I thought it was pretty refreshing.

There is such outrageous scenes that you start thinking maybe this is a dream sequence or something but the movie plays it off as it actually happened in the movie. There are no delusions or anything. It's really fun and playful and I loved it. There are jokes coming in a mile a minute and you really get used to it after a while.

The deaths of each of the characters is sort of like a gore porn at certain points. I started to guess what kind of innovative ways are they going to gruesomely murder their next victim. It sort of has elements of Tucker and Dale Vs Evil to it however that movie wasn't as wacky or zany is this movie.

I have to say there are some irresponsible messages in this movie. There are scenes where there are some characters that are intoxicated with marijuana. Usually I wouldn't care at this but they have these characters driving their cars while high as if it was okay to drive while high. I thought this was a very bad message especially since this movie is going to be marketed to young adults who are pretty impressionable. Yes there are really wacky scenes that are unbelievable in this movie but teens want to believe things that are convenient for them so I don't like it when they perpetuate the idea that driving high is okay.

Still messages aside this was a really fun movie that was very self aware and witty. I liked how they story was played out, the actors and the direction of the movie. All of the characters were likable in their own way. I even liked some of the villains that they had. They were all really great characters that I would probably like even in real life.

As a side note I have to commend the person who was in charge of wardrobe for this movie. I thought they had a very interesting and thoughtful taste in how they dressed the characters in this movie. They were kind of extreme but I liked where they were going with their selections.

Overall, if you're in for some wacky fun I would say you have to give this movie a chance. I think it would be best to watch the first movie to help you understand the references to get the full value of this movie though. I have to give this movie a 7.5 out of 10. If you've watched the original movie already this is a no-brainer you have to watch this movie. Well that is if you liked the first movie.

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