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My Review of "Star Trek: Insurrection"

Now this feels like a Star Trek movie but not a perfect one.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Star Trek: Insurrection came out back in 1998. It's definitely a movie of its time despite the fact that it's based in the future. I had a bit of a rough time getting acclimated to the new cast of the next generation movie in the last the movies. That's why I'm happy to announce that I think I've come to finally appreciate the new cast in this movie.

The movie starts off with a bit of a mystery. There's a world that is being surveyed by the federation. Obviously they don't tell you why they're spying on this young civilization but the citizens seem somewhat primitive.

The still and calmness of the inhabitants is quickly changed to chaos when one of the surveyors goes rogue. We soon discover this isn't just a simple rogue surveyor it's Data of the Enterprise. He's acting up and you can visibly see that there's some sort of damage on his neck. Something happened for him to be going off his rockers like this.

It's up to the Enterprise crew again to save their friend and discover what's going on with their friend. When they finally find data and extract information from him there's a bit of a domino effect. There is more than meets the eye on this mysterious new planet. They have to figure out why the federation is so curious about its inhabitants before something really bad happens.

I guess I kind of got an understanding of our new cast in this movie. I understand more of their nuances and their relationship with one another. Obviously it's a very different dynamic to the original Star Trek cast but they're able to gel in an nice way in this movie. Each one of them have some sort of role in this movie with the exception of Crusher. I don't' know why she's in these movies when she doesn't really have much of a role.

This movie like all the other movies goes into moral questions. For this movie it felt like there was a bit of social commentary as well. In this case they kind of tackled issues of genocide and getting between warring factions.

I for one was really surprised that the Federation wouldn't think of a compromise to have two races living in harmony on the same planet. The Federation is about peace and harmony after all. There shouldn't have even been any talks about moving or eliminating a whole race from their home planet. This should have fired red flags all over the writers table when they were writing this story.

Still we have to get the story going and so they had to do what they had to do. There are a number of action sequences that are reminiscent to the other Star Trek movies. They're not high production and neither are the special effects. I have to say ouch when I saw that space station transformation. It kind of looked like an old video game CGI opener. This is especially apparent if you're able to see this movie in high definition.

This movie is a product of its time after all. You can also notice some weird additions to the movie that felt very human-centric despite dealing with aliens. What kind of aliens have coffee in the mornings? They all have very human cultural and physical attributes. I know it would be difficult to have to do the makeup for everyone in order to make them look different. Small touches in the way they have different customs, reactions and such make a big difference.

Overall the most important thing is that the pace of the story was good and the chemistry of the cast was very good as well. I felt invested in the story and it was a really good time. I think people that aren't too familiar with the new crew can still enjoy this one as much as I did. That's why I have to give this movie a 7 out of 10. It's probably the better movie out of the new generation movies.


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