My Review of "Spectral"

A surprisingly entertaining sci-fi movie that kind of reminds me of Independence day.

My Review of "Spectral"

I've heard good things about Spectral but I've always glossed over it when it would show up on my Netflix feed. It's a movie that came out back in 2016 and I've been watching pretty much all of Netflix's Sci-Fi movies lately so I thought I'd give it a try.

This movie is about this guy named Clyne, played by James Badge Dale. He develops defensive equipment for DARPA and has been assigned to help the military out in the country of Moldova. Apparently some soldiers have been seeing some anomalies with the equipment that he developed. Those that have seen the anomalies have died mysterious deaths.

Clyne goes to check it out only to be mystified about the situation as well. He doesn't know what it could be and requests additional equipment and decides to join the soldiers so that he can get a better image of the anomaly.

They soon find out that these anomalies are invisible entities that are impervious to any conventional weapon that they have in their arsenal. Worse of all, they are aggressive and will kill anyone that comes close to them by simply phasing through them.

While they try to escape these ghost like anomalies they hit a bunch of landmines and are deserted in the middle of a small down in Moldova. Now they have to figure out how to beat these strange beings and get the heck out of there.

I really liked the concept of this movie. It's a twist on a pretty usual action blockbuster type of movie. However, I did find that this movie had a lot of similarities to the movie Independence Day. I think those that have watched Independence day and loved it will be able to enjoy this movie as well. It isn't to the same level but it does come a bit close.

There's the mysterious entity that is threatening mankind. No one is able to figure out how to defeat it and when they figure it out. Surprisingly Clyne is able to outfit the whole army in a matter of hours a new special weapon to fight off the enemy. A general makes a rousing speech to pump up his troops and they go into the belly of the beast to distract it while the main character goes into the heart to kill off the real threat. Yeah the Independence Day formula is there. You can't fool me.

I know it's a formula but it works. I enjoyed the movie and it was fun. Each of the actors did a great job making us feel as though the anomaly was a terrifying threat. You can see these tough military guys shaking in fear when it comes to fighting these beings. Well done.

The special effects were actually on point as well. The way that it was set up I could have thought it came out in theaters for a theatrical release. I'm actually shocked more people don't talk about this movie it was really that good. it doesn't have any huge names but it does have a few smaller stars that you recognize from other movies.

Overall, I had a great time watching this movie from start to finish. I especially think you'll like it if you've enjoyed Independence Day. It's almost the same movie but a few differences here and there. Admittingly, Independence day is a better movie. This movie is good though. I have to give it an 8 out of 10. I recommend it to others that are looking for a sci-fi action movie. It's worth the viewing, I know you're probably starting run of of show's during this pandemic quarantine!

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