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My Review of "Senior Year"

by Brian Anonymous 2 months ago in review
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A fun summer movie that has a whole slew of holes in the story but fun to watch.

Senior Year is Netflix's recent comedy to come out in 2022. It's got a fun premise that has been used before. Despite all the flaws of this movie it's still quite entertaining.

The movie starts out with our main character Stephanie. She's just recently moved to the United States from Australia. It's an awkward time in her life as she's navigating high school life in the late 90s early 2000s.

Right away she gravitated to two best friends but this wasn't enough for her. She wants more and that's when she starts idolizing the popular kids at school. Ever the studious student, Stephanie learns the ways of becoming cool.

Quickly she becomes the most popular kid in school while alienating her older friends. She was at the peak of her high school popularity when she has an unfortunate accident that leaves her in a coma for 20 years.

Now waking up in 2022 she discovers that life is totally different from what it once was. She's still got the mind of a teenager so she wants to finish all of her goals despite her appearance in age.

That's basically the story. It's your classic fish out of water story. We've seen this done in movies before like, Kickin it Old School. I think they did a much better job with this movie. Both have that fish out of water situation however there is a much more endearing characteristic about this movie over the latter.

I think it's because all of the characters have more charm and this movie depends on their charisma. Ultimately all of the cast members really helped keep this movie entertaining for me.

This movie brought up so many questions while I was watching it. All of those questions could have been elements to make this into either a longer movie or a TV show. No one talks about how Stephanie had her accident. It would have been a perfect reason for suing the individuals involved. I thought this was going to be brought up in the movie but luckily they stayed away from this and kept it family friendly.

There's also questions about what people in this movie consider love. Is it loyalty or is it actual feelings? There's relationships that are pretty murky and nothing really clears anything up by the end of the movie.

Some of the characters also had their own stories that weren't pushed. It was probably to save runtime of the movie but I was interested in some of those storylines.

It's also interesting how they really make it out that the newest generation of high school kids have some sort of high school utopia. Everyone is so nice to everyone and there's no real bad guys. All the bad guy roles are generally played out by the older adults throughout the movie.

As much as older generations complain about this newer generation of emotionally considerate youth it's a nice change of pace. It really shows how kids nowadays are a lot more mature and considerate than our older generation. In this movie it feels like the adults are way more juvenile than the youth. There seems to be a juxtaposition where the adults are the kids and the kids are really the adults.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie despite all the big holes in the story. You don't go to these kinds of movies for realism but they still had a good message. I think this is a fun film that the whole family can enjoy. That's why I have to give this movie a 6.5 out of 10. This is nice popcorn fun with the family but you probably won't be watching it over and over again.


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I have tons of opinions that change constantly. I watch a lot of movies and play video games. There are some articles on my struggles with languages and dance as well.

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