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My Review of "Seinfeld: Season 7"

The gang is at their most evil form and that's where the funny comes from.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Seinfeld: Season 7 came out back in 1995-1996. This takes some of the best aspects of all of the previous seasons and implements it into this full season. The last season didn't really have an ongoing story whereas this one does.

The season starts off with a conversation between Jerry and George. This heavy conversation makes the two contemplate the status of their lives. Regretfully, George commits to marry Susan the woman who the gang has screwed over and over in the past. Honestly, I don't even know why Susan would even say yes to George after all of their interactions but that's where the hilarity comes in.

This season George will continue to go out of his way to have Susan break up with him. His ego will not allow him to break up their engagement and there are some pretty hilarious situations as a result. This season will allow certain jokes to percolate for multiple episodes before big punchlines. It's really fun because of the shock factor when it first hits you. There's also a second satisfaction on re-viewing the episodes because you can see the show planting those seeds.

Newman was a growing presence in the previous seasons but they really utilize his character throughout this season. I felt like he was almost a permanent fixture to the show after a while. He's kind of the evil villain when Jerry and the gang are already villains. It just goes to show how villainous they really make him.

Some notable episodes for me were: "The Wink", "The Soup Nazi", "The Wig Master" and "The Invitation". "The Wink" was probably my most bust out loud episode. I love how this innocent grapefruit squirt to George's eye cascades into hell on earth for George's fellow co-worker. Simple gestures that are misinterpreted that will elevate George to a better position in his job had me in hysterics. The way everything worked out was quite poetic. It was like a symphony of jokes that all culminated into one grand song.

"The Soup Nazi" is an all time classic that is still hilarious today. This is when a very strict chef butts heads with Elaine. Hell hath no fury like Elaine on revenge. This had a ton of hilarious situations that culminate in the demise of the heralded chef. It's also quite funny how Jerry and the gang play off the Soup Nazi's demands.

"The Wig Master" is a really funny episode where George and Kramer find a really cheap parking lot to park their car. Unfortunately for them the parking lot attendants seem to be using the cars in the parking lot as some sort of bawdy house. Through a series of odd situations happening Kramar gets pinned for a crime he never committed.

Then we have "The Invitation". I found this hilarious because it's the last episode of the season but it so tied up the season perfectly with the first episode. It plays off just like the first episode but with several twists. They cleverly wrote in a situation where Jerry finds himself getting engaged as well. Everyone is written consistently to their character's characteristics yet they find a way out of George's engagement.

I found that the start of this season started way stronger than the later half of the season but it was still consistently funny throughout the season. The first half just happens to be much more memorable.

Overall, this season is firing at all cylinders and you can tell that they are red hot. This definitely was must see television when it was first aired. I can tell that people used to constantly talk each week about what happened on Seinfeld. I have to give this season an 8.5 out of 10. It was very entertaining and very re-watchable.


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