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My Review of "#Saraitda aka #Alive"

A Korean Zombie horror movie that grew on me.

My Review of "#Saraitda aka #Alive"

#Saraitda aka #Alive is a movie that came out of nowhere on Netflix. It's kind of perfect timing for such a movie to come out too. It's basically a zombie horror movie that's implements elements of modern realities. In a way it's kind of confusing as to categorize this movie. It's got elements of comedy, drama, romance and horror. There's something for everyone in this movie but not focusing on something specifically to say that it is catered toward a certain demographic.

The movie starts off with this guy ,Joon-Woo, playing video games in his apartment. His family is out doing something and he stayed home playing games. All of a sudden the people ahe's playing games with mentions that somethings going on outside that seems unreal. Curious, Joon-Woo decides to check out the news on TV.

The news is basically gone ballistic saying that there's some sort of crazy pandemic going on where people are going crazy and eating people. He then opens the windows to realize it's happening all around his apartment. People are all in panic running for their lives as they're being chased by these insane zombies.

At this point, I'm thinking just stay at home and don't do anything. I wouldn't have even opened up the windows I would have closed everything off. Instead this idiot thinks he wants to go outside to check it out. I understand this is supposed to be a horror zombie movie but oh my gosh who in their right mind would think of doing this? They have to make their characters do these stupid things because it keeps the attention of the audience.

The smart thing about this movie is that they kind of keep consistent with the fact that Joon-Woo is an idiot. So the next few things that he does in the movie don't really catch us by surprise. We already know he's an idiot and we're just in this for the ride. It's funny because I would have thought I would be angry at this idiot for the rest of the movie but he grew on me. This first incident kind of helped establish what kind of character he is.

Without going through too much and spoiling the movie because there's a few surprises in there that I don't want to kill for you all. There are some survivors but you don't exactly know who to trust. They even add a pretty cool character in there that is the counterbalance of Joon-Woo's character.

Of course being a movie there are a few liberties taken in a few scenes where Joon-Woo should never have survived. That's the magic of movies though and we're there to have fun. Although there are a few things that don't quite gel well with all of us that are living in quarantine. We've all lived in isolation we're all pretty fluent in the ways of quarantine living. They definitely over exaggerated a few of the reactions of Joon-Woo.

To be fair we would all be worried for our families like Joon-Woo and the fact isolation can be a little nuts especially knowing that things are actually going to come and eat you. Still many of us have been isolation for over 20 days without going as crazy as this guy. Again I understand that things have to be exaggerated on film to make a point but I was kind of rolling my eyes for some of the scenes.

Another thing that I'm sure a lot of people would be laughing at was the fact that everyone in this movie are still perfectly shaven, and their hair still in pristine condition despite a zombie pandemic and being in isolation for about a month. I was thinking about how unrealistic this was and it kind of took me out of the movie how unrealistic this was. This was particularly weird because Joon-Woo's character is an idiot and he's lazy. Why would he upkeep his looks throughout the movie? Also how is he able to cut and dye his hair blonde through this whole time?

They never even give his age in the movie. It was a little weird because I think that his character was meant to be really young but the actor doesn't look like he's a teen or anything. He looks like he's well into his 20's so maybe that's partially the reason why I didn't really buy how stupid his decisions were at the time.

Still, this movie has pretty much everything in it. It doesn't really focus on one thing because they have fun with some of the modern technologies that we have. For example he needed to use the radio on his cell phone but wasn't able to use it because all of his headphones are wireless. They have fun with the fact that data signals aren't always the best and they had to go through great lengths in order to gain signals.

By the middle of the movie the focus seems to change to this romance film and it was a huge change in tone from the first half of the movie. It then goes to a different genre after that. It's almost as if they had a number of skits that they wanted to do throughout the movie and they just jumbled them up into one cohesive movie.

Overall, I did like this movie. It was fun to watch and made more sense to me as I continued to watch it. I came to like the movie more as I was watching because they fleshed out the characters pretty well in this one. I have to give this movie a 7 out of 10. If you're into Zombie movies, and who isn't, this one is something to check out.

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