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My Review of "Robin Hood (2018)"

A modern retelling of an old classic.

My Review of "Robin Hood (2018)"

Robin Hood (2018) is a very different take on the old classic Robin Hood story. I wasn't too sure if I wanted to watch this movie but my nephew had talked a pretty big game about this movie. I did enjoy King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) and The Kid Who Would be King (2019) so I guess you can say I'm a sucker for remakes of old medieval movies. I thought this movie would be similar and I wasn't wrong.

This movie starts off with Robin of Loxley finding a thief in his manor named Marian. The two instantly fall in love with each other and live their best lives together for a while. Robin is basically this rich guy that's inherited a huge sum of money from his family. He has no one to answer to until he's been called to help in the crusades.

He basically gets drafted and goes to war against the Moors. Here you'd think he learns much of his fighting techniques and everything but this whole expedition is basically to introduce him to his friend John. John isn't who you think he is either. He's one of the Moors that the Crusaders are trying to fight. They eventually catch him and his party.

Robin notices a few things when they torture John for information about the Moors. He realizes that he doesn't like what he's doing. The Crusaders basically Kill John's son in front of John and Robin goes berserk. He fights back in the name of justice and frees the Moors in captivity.

Luckily for Robin one of the Crusaders takes pity on him and allows him to go back to England. When he arrives back home he learns that everyone thinks that he had passed away during the war. This means that his manor and Marian are no longer there for him. Everyone has moved on and life in Nottingham is totally different.

The sheriff of Nottingham is basically taxing everyone in Nottingham to poverty. This is when Robin conveniently meets up with John and gets trained to be an even better warrior. From there the story ends up as you would pretty much expect it.

The visuals for this movie are pretty spectacular. The fight scenes were pretty well done. I thought they did some clever fight scenes in this movie. It's actually not too dark to see what's going on either. Even with the hectic battles you'll be able to understand what's going on.

The problem is that the movie isn't all that interesting. Yes the storyline was kind of interesting and the actors do a great job in giving life to their characters. I think maybe this movie has some pacing issues because there were moments in the movie where I was just kind of losing interest and my mind would wander off.

It's too bad because they build this movie as if it's going to be a franchise by the end. It's kind of weird when movies do this. How can they have so much confidence in the movie that they would guarantee the audience that there will be a sequel down the line?

Overall, I am sad to say despite the good performances by each of the actors, I wasn't able to truly enjoy this movie. There are a few enjoyable fight scenes but the movie falls flat as a movie. I had nodded off at certain parts of the movie and couldn't believe I was getting bored. I have to give this movie a 5.5 out of 10. In the end it's a mindless popcorn movie that you'll probably forget about the next day. Not really worth wasting your time with.

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