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My Review of "Project Power"

A super power movie that I guess shouldn't really be classified as a superhero movie.

My Review of "Project Power"

Project Power is a super power movie came out recently exclusively to Netflix. I can't really classify this movie as a superhero movie because all of the powers that each of the characters contain are dependent on a pill that they take. Still there's elements of a superhero movie in this movie but they did put a twist to it that is unique. The only problem is that the movie doesn't really have anything absolutely spectacular about it.

It all starts out with some mob boss bringing out some new drug to a bunch of drug dealers on the street. No one knows what it is but the deal is too good to be true because they're just being given this drug and they're allowed to profit off of it. At this point we're not even sure what the drug even does. People being opportunistic capitalists of course take the drug and sell it on the streets no questions asked.

A little later down the line there is a montage of news reports of people doing spectacular things on the streets and crime has run rampant. So I guess that's to indicate to us as the viewer that the drug is giving extraordinary powers to the people that are using it.

We then fast forward to the main protagonist, Robin. She's a talented rapper that needs to make quick money to help support her mother who has diabetes. She's doing bad in school because she's preoccupied by selling the new drug on the streets.

Two more characters get introduced to the movie. There's a mysterious man that goes by the moniker, The Major that seems to be hunting down people that are selling this mysterious drug. He in fact goes to great lengths to find get to these drug dealers. Every time he finds a dealer he's asking them who their source is and every time these dealer's don't know. He's then forced to eliminate these drug dealers. It's a mystery if this guy is a user of the drug or not. We don't know anything about him.

Then we have Frank, he's a New Orleans police officer that wants to do what's right but he so happens to use the new drug to give himself powers. He justifies the drug use by saying that it's him trying to level the playing field. His drug dealer so happens to be Robin. He tries to protect her whenever he can but it's uncertain if it's because he's trying to protect his supply or that he genuinely cares.

When Frank's boss discovers that he's using the new drug he's asked to hand in his badge and gun. Frank pleas that it's because he cares so much about the city that he's gone to this length to get a fair chance to apprehend the villainy that goes on in the city. It seems that the captain has sympathy for Frank so he puts him out on a secret mission. He wants him to take down The Major.

That's basically the movie but with a whole bunch of twists that come at you a little too early. The whole movie kind of changes immediately and the reveals aren't really as dramatic as I think they intended them to be. That's a shame because this movie really has a lot of potential.

The pace of the movie is frantic and goes from one mini story to another immediately. There's really no time to absorb anything and cut so fast that there's nothing to ponder. There's no great sense of suspense or anything, although I can tell that they were trying to build a little bit of it.

Then again the plus of all this is that the movie goes pretty fast. There really aren't any boring scenes because the movie goes by so fast. It almost seemed like a TV show at some points. Some of the scenes were filmed as though they wanted to fit all of it into a 30 minute episode or something and jumps from scenario to scenario.

The special effects aren't also the best. Some of the effects of them absorbing the pill to gain their powers seem like reused footage over and over again. We have soldiers, thugs and heroes use it but it's all pretty much the same. The CGI is pretty low budget so maybe they didn't have much of a budget for this movie. If that's the case I thought it was a pretty good job but they had some pretty big stars in this movie. Maybe they spent most of their budget on the stars?

Despite my gripes about this movie I still had a great time watching it. It's a comfort film that doesn't really have anything that would throw you off. Everything seems pretty safe in this movie, even the twists seem kind of safe. In a sense that's still a good thing because sometimes we don't want to go watch complicated movies because we've had long days and don't need the extra stress. This might be a good stress relieving movie.

Overall, this movie is still an okay movie but it's really nothing to write home about. If you can stand some of the bad special effects and cheesy story telling this movie isn't that bad. It's got some nice messages in the mix and feels like a good popcorn flick. I have to give this movie a 6.5 out of 10. It's good enough to just watch if nothing else is on TV.

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