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My Review of "Nimona"

A pretty rough first half but it picks up later on. Enjoyable if you have patience.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Nimona is an animated feature streaming exclusively on Netflix. I'm not a huge fan of Netflix animated features. Once in a while they do a pretty good job but for the most part I don't get through these moves. I forced myself to go through this one. It's a quirky little tale that has its twists and turns closer to the end but has a bit of a rough start.

It all starts out with the tale of a medieval kingdom. I actually like how it first starts off. They weave a tale of an woman who rids the land of monsters. She then starts a clan of warriors that will protect the kingdom from the monsters for future generations. We then skip to a thousand years into the future.

The kingdom is now a futuristic metropolis yet we still have the warriors being trained for these monsters. Something quite unprecedented happens in this future. Instead of people born into the warrior life, the queen handpicks the first commoner to become a warrior by the name of Ballister.

On the night of his knighthood, something crazy happens that results in Ballister being branded as a traitor to the kingdom. He's then on the run from the authorities trying to prove his innocence. On the run he meets up with a demonic shapeshifter by the name of Nimona. For some odd reason Nimona wants to become Ballister's sidekick. In order to prove her allegiance to Ballister she claims that she will be able to help clear his name.

This movie then tries to build these flesh these characters out and build their relationship. It's pretty simple but this movie kind of complicates things with the naming conventions and the weird pacing that it has. We know where this is going to go and the last half of the movie is pretty entertaining. It's just the sludge you have to go through in the first half to make that last half worth while.

As stated earlier, I liked how they started the movie. Tonally it is kind of all over the place. You can tell they geared this movie towards kids with a lot of the wild antics by Nimona. She can come off quite irritating which makes me question why they made this way so consistently. The growing theme of the movie is that she doesn't want to be seen as a monster to everyone yet she acts like a monster and also has violent thoughts. Why else would people think you're a monster? There's no real evolution to her character to understand that maybe her actions aren't so great for her brand.

The movie tries to cover this up by showing us some of her past but even still there's no real explanation for how this developed to the way she become. Yes there are assumptions but this whole pacing felt quite choppy.

I also didn't like how quickly they explained Ballister's backstory. It went by so fast that you could miss it. They could have explored how the queen could have witnessed his attempts to become the warrior he became. There was no real progression to it. He just became a warrior.

Then there was no real proof that he was a truly hard working warrior until close to the end of the movie. Granted his arm was chopped off but the bulk of the work is done by Nimona. This is weird because he's supposed to be a skilled at fighting and everything but every time they're in a fight Nimona has to bail him out. It made me wonder why the queen did pick this guy?

There's many instances of things like this that kind of made the first half of the movie drag on and on. Luckily I stuck with it because the last half of this movie is quite entertaining. They had some pretty fun themes that the family can enjoy and the animation is pretty cool.

Overall, this movie is a mixed bag for me. There are parts of it that I liked and proved that there was so much potential with this movie. On the other hand the build up for this movie was not quite so fun for me. I found that Nimona was quite irritating at times and the weird pacing of the storytelling was kind of off-putting. I have to give this movie a 5.5 out of 10. I was very close to shutting it off half way through.


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