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My Review of "Magic Camp"

An attempt to make a magic version of School of Rock

My Review of "Magic Camp"

Magic Camp is a Disney Plus exclusive that came out in 2020. It's sort of a coming of age story that comes from a magic camp. The whole vibe of the movie screams School of Rock however there are are certain elements of the movie that differentiate these movies from one another. This movie for instance is targeting children whereas School of Rock targeted a general audience.

This movie starts off with the introduction of Andy. He's a taxi driver that used to be a budding magician. He works in Las Vegas and we later find out that his rival/partner had made it big in Vegas whereas he's stuck driving a cab. One day while driving his cab he picks up his old magic mentor. His mentor asks Andy if he could help him out at his magic camp. Andy has been brought up from that magic camp but dreams to make it big in Las Vegas. He reluctantly agrees because he's pretty much got nothing else to do.

Meanwhile in another area of the US we learn of a character named Theo. He had recently lost his father and as a result has lost his love for magic. His father was the one that had introduced him to magic but with his passing he has no one to perform to anymore. That is until his mother lets him know that he had been accepted to go to magic camp. At first he hesitates to go but he finds it in himself to take on the challenge.

At magic camp, Theo is bunked with a few other fellow magicians. They happen to be the outcasts and of the camp altogether. To make matters even better, they've been teamed with Andy as their camp councilor. Unbeknownst to Andy, his rival had been convinced to be a camp councilor for the rival camp team as well. This makes for some interesting situations.

The goal of the magic camp is to have each team create a magic performance for an end of the summer competition. The team that wins gets the magic hat and the individual that wins gets a magic wand. Again this is a kids movie so don't think too much of the whole thing.

This movie had a ton of School of Rock vibes to it. This out for the count magician gets hired on to be a teacher for kids and finds the kids' special abilities. They all work together in order to build a great team and they persevere in the end. Even the actor that plays Andy has the same sounding voice as Jack Black from School of Rock. It's pretty eerie when you hear him talk in the movie.

The movie differentiates itself with rivalry camp teams. There's a clear bad guy/good guy scenario that is supposed to ruffle our feathers. This bullying is fairly limited but it's there so that we can see who the antagonist is in this movie.

Again as this is a movie for kids everything gets really neatly cleaned up at the end. I mean really cleaned up so that there's no holes or questions in the end. It was weirdly a shock for me to see because I haven't seen a movie clean itself up so well at the end. Then again I had to realize it was a Disney kids movie so they have to do that or else the kids will ask their parents what's up.

Overall, I was able to kind of enjoy this movie but mostly in the last half of the movie. The first half of the movie with all of the introductions was a bit of a slog. Some of the characters really didn't need to be in there because their parts were so small. I have to give this movie a 5.5 out of 10. It is an adequate movie that I think kids will love more than adults. Still it's not a total snorefest.

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