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My Review of "Long Shot"

A slow start that has a satisfying ending

My Review of "Long Shot"

Long Shot came out back in 2019 and I'm a fan of Seth Rogan movies. This is why I'm surprised I didn't get to see this movie when it first came out. I thought it was funny that the leads for an American political movie are immigrants that came from other countries. There are a lot of fun nuances throughout this movie that I thought were pretty weird as well.

The movie starts out with the main character Fred. He's an independent freelance investigative journalist. He's a very liberal person trying to find problems in the system to expose. On this particular occasion he's infiltrated a white supremacist organization. It's really obvious that he's doesn't want to be there and I know it's a comedy so you'll have to let some stuff fly.

The first act of the movie feels very force fed. It almost feels like liberal preaching to the audiences as to what is wrong with society with extreme versions of racism, sexist and other various ignorant acts. They are blatant and in the media. They're used to help us introduce us to Charlotte. She's the secretary of the state and is in line to become the next president of the United States.

We get to see all the scrutiny that Charlotte has to deal with while being a political figure in the US. It's even worse because she's a woman. Still she's determined to be the president not only for herself but to be a role model for countless young women across the country.

Unfortunately for Fred the news company that he works at has been absorbed by a mass media conglomerate that he absolutely hates. Of course Fred is a man of principles so he decides that he has to quit his job so that he doesn't work for the evil corporation.

He meets up with his best friend who happens to be well connected and they go to a fancy upscale party where Boys II Men are performing. There he bumps into Charlotte. Little does everyone know Charlotte and Fred have a past. Charlotte finds out that Fred is out of the job and is a fairly good writer. Coincidentally she needs a new writer for her new campaign. From there she decides to hire on Fred to be her new speech writer.

The movie is basically a romantic comedy after that. Like I mentioned before it starts off very heavy handed but starts to warm up to you eventually. The political notions start to wane as the movie goes on but there are still a few reminders here and there. At least as the movie progresses we start to understand the faults of both Fred and Charlotte. Each of these characters will eventually grow and that's come to be expected with romantic comedies.

Fred's character however can get quite grating at points. His push to have things his way really had me annoyed because absolutely everyone in the film somewhat compromises except for him and he whines a lot when he doesn't get his way. Still I think the film is aware of itself and understands what it is. In the end we see the reason why he was written the way he is but the method of his character development in the first act almost dropped me from this movie.

There are also some weird nuances that I noticed in the movie. It was kind of weird how Charlotte's character was taller than Fred throughout the beginning of the movie but as the movie progressed I noticed that Fred was getting taller and taller so that he was at times even taller than Charlotte and sometimes the same height. In some cultures this height discrepancy is display of power and it was odd because Charlotte is supposed to be the person of power. She's supposed to be the future president of the United States for crying out loud. Plus they even had a joke in the beginning of the movie about how tall she was.

The message at the end is a nice message of unity. We shouldn't be fighting one another because of our political beliefs. It's a message that the public in this political climate kind of needs but I believe half of the public are willing to watch the first half of the movie because of how preachy it is.

Still if you get to the middle half you'll soon be delighted at the charm that grows on this movie. The characters start to develop and become more interesting. I started to understand their points of views and feel empathy for each of them.

Overall, it was a slow and bumpy start but in the end there's a satisfying ending to the movie. I think it's worth fighting through that first half of the movie to get to the second half. I have to give this movie a 6.5 out of 10. It is an okay romp but I don't think I would watch or suggest this movie to anyone.

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