My Review of "Holmes & Watson"

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly team up again but this time as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

My Review of "Holmes & Watson"

Holmes & Watson is probably exactly what I'd expect from Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly teaming up to tell a Sherlock Holmes story. It is totally absurd and bonkers but whenever the two team up for a comedy they tend to be this way. If you liked their other team up comedies then you might enjoy this one as well. I would say it's one of their weaker movies but there is still some enjoyment here.

This movie starts out to explain Sherlock Holmes personality and how he became the way he is in the movie. He's teased and bullied as a child. This results in Sherlock becoming a cold calculating individual bent on serving justice with the power of his mind.

Fast forward 30 some odd years and we have the adult version of Sherlock. He has his obedient sidekick Dr. Watson by his side for all of his crazy antics.

He's just minutes away from locking away his arch-nemesis Moriarty and the two are doing the same old Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly shtick that you'd expect. They're yelling absurdities and overreacting to absolutely everything around them. Meanwhile time is ticking and you can tell that they have absolutely no concept of the urgency of making it to the courthouse on time.

I kind of like this type of humor. It made me reflect on how absurd it is for me to care about the timing of getting things done in the movie. I'm kind of imposing my own societal pressures to the characters in the film. I even laughed at myself thinking why do I care that they get things done on time? This bit of reflection made me realize how funny it really was.

Will Ferrell plays an egotistical idiot perfectly again as Sherlock. John C. Reilly plays the obedient side-kick Dr. Watson very well. It's actually perfectly cast.

Anyways after the courthouse fiasco the real story begins. They realize that there is a Moriarty copycat trying to outwit our heroes. It really isn't much of a story and that's not why you would watch a Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly buddy comedy. You're looking for the various situations that they'll get them in so that he can become absolutely absurd.

I like that they kept this movie pretty clean but you can tell what they are really insinuating. They didn't have to be dirty to have dirty jokes. Still much of the jokes aren't about being dirty. They have a lot of jokes that play on our knowledge of everyday things today and implementing them into early 1900s situations.

There's fun jokes about how male chauvinist the era was. They also recognize that people of the time were probably very confident with their medical knowledge and technology. I really find this funny because even today we have those same attitudes of today's medical advancement. Medicine will always continue to advance so even today we're probably in the stone age.

They never take this movie seriously. There are a lot of modern references that we recognize today that seem absolutely absurd in the early 1900s. Some liberties were taken with the accuracy of music and set props throughout the movie. There's even the mandatory inebriation scenes in the movie. I'm always curious how they play these out in each of their movies.

Overall, I did enjoy this movie and had some laugh out loud moments. The thing is you have to realize what kind of comedy you're going to get yourself into. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly buddy comedy movies have a certain style to them that you either love or hate. I so happen to have enjoyed it so I have to give this movie a 6.5 out of 10. Unfortunately they did fall flat on a few of the scenes that seemed to overstay their welcome. Still it's a good time with only one viewing.

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