My Review of "Holidate"

A self aware romantic comedy that with its fair share of quirks.

My Review of "Holidate"

Holidate probably came out at the perfect time for Netflix. Halloween is upon us and that means a whole slew of holidays are coming up. Being quarantined a lot of us miss being with groups of people let alone being on horrible dates. I'm sure some of us wouldn't mind going on horrible dates at this point in time. This movie talks about the opposite.

It starts off with this character Sloan. She's all grown up and all of her siblings are as well. It seems that she's the only one that is having troubles in finding a mate. Her older sister is married with children and her younger brother is happy with his fiancé. Poor Sloan has recently broken up with another ex.

She basically tries to get over the fact that her relationship is over and she feels that she's stagnated while everyone else is progressing in life. I guess this is a matter of perspective. In her view she's basically given up. Her aunt introduces her to the concept of the holidate.

Basically it's a date where she gets a date for the holiday and then it's over after the holiday is over. This way she's not lonely for these special occasions and there is no baggage when they end the whole thing.

Meanwhile there's this other character by the name of Jackson who gets into dates on holidays where women try to guilt him into a long lasting relationship. In a way it's kind of weird because you'd think you'd get into a relationship if you want to be long term with the person. Why would you go to a big function like that if you aren't committing? He himself says that he feels like a jerk when he leaves these women during the holidays and rightfully so.

Coincidentally, Sloan and Jackson bump into each other while trying to return items they received for Christmas. They mull over how the mall won't give them cash returns when they don't have receipts. I knew instantly that both of these characters are obviously good for each other because they're both pretty horrible people.

They're both self centered and ungrateful for the opportunities that arise for themselves. I even got a little agitated because they're both attractive individuals and so entitled and egotistical. It kind of bothered me a lot throughout the movie. Yes they have some shines of kindness throughout the movie but overall their characters weren't really good people. The fact that they're not good people kind of helps with some of the comedy that goes with this movie though. You don't feel quite as bad for them when bad things happen to them.

A lot of the comedy in this movie stems from awkward moments. Some of the awkward moments aren't real awkward moments it's more them being horrible people and they themselves realizing it. A lot of the situations wouldn't have happened if they were half decent people. Then again we wouldn't have a movie if that was the case.

There's a few side storylines that are pretty insignificant. I felt like those side stories were just to elongate the runtime of the movie. Really this could have been an episode of some run of the mill sitcom television show.

The actors in this movie bring some charm to the movie and they really keep the movie afloat. If it wasn't for the charisma of these actors I think I would have fell to sleep halfway into the movie.

Overall, I could mildly enjoy this movie. It wouldn't be my go to romcom movie for Netflix though. There's such a wide selection already on their streaming service that you shouldn't have a problem finding something else. I have to give this movie a 5.5 out of 10. If there's absolutely nothing else then maybe you should check this one out. I know I was checked out halfway into the movie.

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