My Review of "Good Boys"

An R Rated movie about little kids wanting to go to a kissing party. Who would have thought this would ever be released.

My Review of "Good Boys"

I heard really good things about Good Boys but I never got around to watching it. It is now available for streaming so I finally got a chance to watch it. I have to agree with some reviewers with the movie but there are certain things I have reservations about.

This movie is about three boys that are probably just approaching junior high: Max, played by Jacob Tremblay, Lucas, played by Keith L. Williams, and Thor, played by Brady Noon. These three kids are best friends and they pretty much do everything together.

Max is this kid that's just starting to get interested in girls and has a huge crush on one named Brixlee, played by Millie Davis. He wants to do nothing but become her future husband. Since he's young and innocent he's shy to come out to her. His only chance to get to be around her is by joining a party organized by the cool kids of the school.

Lucas on the other-hand is a really well mannered child that follows all the rules but is going through some family troubles as his parents played by Retta and Lil Rey Howery (who were both perfectly cast as his parents) are going through a divorce. He doesn't know how to deal with this let alone add his friends to the situation.

Then there's Thor, he wants to be in the school play because he loves to sing. The problem with him is that he's also insecure of himself and wants to be one of the cool kids. Obviously, there are a few incidents in the movie that continue to keep this guy in the not so cool kid list.

This movie plays out much like all of the old high school comedy romps of the past. What happened to those movies? I guess they got played out and no one makes them anymore. Well, if you're missing those types of movies this one pretty much plays very similar to those movies. The major difference in this movie is the innocence of the main characters.

It's a little bit of a twist but it's a very clever twist. I like it because you can see how clearly they can mistaken certain things to be innocent items. Some of these jokes may get a little tired because they do repeat a few sex toy jokes. Admittedly, they are funny the first time you experience the jokes. I like this bit of creativity and originality in this movie but it seemed difficult for the writers to keep the jokes fresh.

The innocence of the children also bring a certain awkwardness to the movie. It's not the same awkwardness where you feel pure cringe toward the character of the movie. Although, there is a little bit of that cringe sprinkled in the movie. The awkwardness comes from the interactions of the children in the settings they get put into. I felt like some of it was off for some reason. I wish I could explain it.

All of the actors still do a good job playing their parts and there are some genuine funny moments with some creative skit scenarios that I don't think I've ever seen in any other film. I will give them major points for this because there's a lot that has already been done in R rated comedies. This brings a fresh twist to it.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie but there were a few lulls every now and then. That's okay because the movie was paced alright. I never felt bored. The jokes kept coming but I kind of wished there was a little more character development. The kids had some funny situations and the situations were believable. I guess to a certain extent. I'll have to give this movie a 7 out of 10. It's a worthy viewing and I think it's worthy of telling others to check it out of they're bored. I wouldn't say that It's a must see but if there's nothing else to watch, then I would say it's worth seeing.

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