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My Review of "Field of Dreams"

You don't get movies like this anymore. It's very imaginative but yet you can see a crazy person creating this too.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Field of Dreams is a somewhat spiritual film that came out in 1989. It's a really movie that has a lot to say. The method in which they tell the story is also quite unconventional as well. Some would argue that they don't make movies based on imagination anymore and that would explain why this is such an oddity.

The movie starts out with our main character Ray narrating his life story up until present day. He talks about how a series of unfortunate circumstances had eroded his relationship with his father. What he did get from his relationship with his father was his love for baseball. When he moved out of his father's home at an early age he never looked back. He basically got married had a daughter and moved out to a farm out in Iowa.

Everything seemed to be fine. He's a very by the books kind of guy. Never really took any risks in life but also never really had any direction either. All this is about to change while working in his corn fields. He starts to hear a voice telling him to build a baseball diamond so that he can see his father's hero Shoeless Joe Jackson.

He can't get the voice out of his head so he finally ends up making the baseball diamond. The problem is that they needed that valuable space for crops. The lack of crops would mean that they won't be able to afford the mortgage payments on the farm anymore.

Despite the financial troubles of the farm Ray and his family realize that he's not crazy. Shoeless Joe Jackson does appear. He along with old baseball players of the past soon start to populate his baseball diamond and play baseball.

Unfortunately for Ray he continues to hear the voice. This voice then sets him off on a series of missions. It's up to Ray to figure out what it all means and determine if he will continue with this absurd journey.

This movie talks about a whole bunch of things from this weird simple story. It talks about a lot of moral dilemmas like fate or predetermination. I started contemplating if I had accomplished all my life goals and what my life goals were. It made me also think of what would have happened if things had changed up in my life. Some people just miss their big break but maybe that happens for a reason.

In some ways it also talks about spirituality. Ray's determination to get everything done despite all the financial hindrances is admirable. They're trying to say if you really have a gut feeling that you have to do something then you should do it. Ultimately there's a reason for everything. I don't know if I'm totally on board with some of the preachy rhetoric that they are telling the audience. Though there is some comfort to the overall message. This is why this movie is considered a feel good movie.

I can see people being uplifted by watching this movie. The glow in some of the characters' eyes when they get to see their childhood idols and wonder how this came to be is mesmerizing. It's really fun seeing full grown adults having that wonder in their eyes again as if they were kids.

It's something we don't really see in movies anymore. Another thing we don't necessarily see anymore is purely imaginative situations happening in movies. A lot of movies today are logical because they're criticized if they don't make sense. This movie throws that all out the window and makes us believe that some of these things actually happened to our characters. We basically live in their fictional world and it's fantastic.

Overall, I had a really good time with this movie. It's nice to see the imaginative work that they did with this one. I was fully absorbed into their world and I felt warm and fuzzy while I was in there. Though this is quite an older film I think many people can get on board with it today. I have to give it a 7 out of 10.


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