My Review of "Feel the Beat"

A play by numbers movie about a dancer coming back to her small hometown to teach dance to locals.

My Review of "Feel the Beat"

Feel the Beat is a movie that feels like a safe play by numbers movie. There are some twists to show progression but there are some terrible cliches that it falls for as well. Still you don't really watch these movies for their incredible progressiveness either. This can be a guilty pleasure for many and I can see why.

This movie starts off in New York with the main protagonist April. She's trying to get to an audition on time and it's pouring rain. Unfortunately there's only a few cabs and she rushes to catch this cab because there's an older lady trying to catch the same cab. She wins out on the race and gets to the audition on time.

Everything seems to be going according to plan. She's killing it on the dance floor and she's made it to the next round and then the show-runner comes in late. It's the older lady that she stole the cab from. She quickly realizes her situation and tries to apologize to the lady but instead the old lady falls over and breaks her leg or something. This is captured on YouTube and well, April has lost all credibility. She's shunned from Broadway auditions.

She has nowhere to go but go back to her small hometown in Idaho. Her pride and ego get the better of her and she shuns her old life in the small town. Her departure from the small town was abrupt and cold. Everyone kind of remembers her for it, that is except for her old dance teacher Miss Barb.

Her old dance teacher holds April in the highest regard and wants her to teach her students. Of course, with April's ego and pride she doesn't want to do it. That is until there is a competition that allows teachers to dance with the students. This competition is being judged by one of the only Broadway producers that might be willing to work with April. Being the sociopath that April is, she chooses to help the students in order to be able to show her skills to this producer.

A lot of this movie will be very predictable because its all been done before and you can see the events happening way before they happen. This isn't entirely bad. Sometimes we are looking for movies like this because we don't really want our brains to be working overtime just to figure out what's going on and you just want something to make sense of.

You know she's going to fall for the little kids that she's teaching and you know they're going to love her back. It's even obvious who her love interest will be. The couple oddly don't even make sense on the screen because they're so absurdly better looking than the rest of the cast.

I did like the fact that they added sign language throughout the movie. It was an interesting new addition that shows that the times are changing and we're starting to make things more accessible for more people. I'm noticing that there is more attention paid to people that are hearing impaired and that's pretty nice.

I didn't like the fact that they had to have a stereotypical flamboyant black male best friend. It sort of the cliche thing by now. I don't know if this is sort of an accepted thing but it does seem kind of bad as it happens all the time especially in romantic comedies. I guess this could be considered a romantic comedy but the emphasis is based more on April's relationship with her students.

Still there's a lot to like in this movie. The movie is overall a joyful movie and it will give you a nice feeling watching it. Some of the little interactions with the town's citizens is pretty fun to watch. They make it seem as though the town is a nice small knit family. That's what they're going for and they definitely pulled it off.

Overall, I did enjoy this movie despite the fact that it was absolutely predictable. If you're looking for an easy watch that has a ton of heart this is a movie that you might want to check out. I have to give this movie a 7 out of 10. It's good for one viewing but I don't think you would be able to watch this over and over again.

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