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My Review of "Do Revenge"

by Brian Anonymous 13 days ago in review
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Loving all the twists and turns for this movie. Is this like a modern Thelma and Louise?

Do Revenge is one of Netflix's latest new exclusive movies out on their streaming platform. On the surface level it might not appeal to adults but I urge them to give this a try. There's a little more content in this movie than I had first anticipated.

This movie starts off with an introduction to our lead character Drea. She's a very popular girl at an extremely posh high school. There she introduces us to her many elite level friends and explains how great hear life is. We immediately know all this is going to blow up because it wouldn't be a movie if it didn't.

Her boyfriend at the time Max convinces her to make a steamy video of herself. Max being the sleazeball that he is sends this video out to all of the students in the high school. This immediately ruins Drea's life trajectory and status at the school.

We start to see who Drea really is and she's not as perfect as her life is displayed to others. As her life is crumbling apart we then meet Eleanor who will become Drea's accomplice. Eleanor is a girl that keeps to herself but has her own demons as well.

The two share in their torn situations. Drea wants revenge on Max for what he had done to her. Eleanor wants revenge on a girl that had ruined her reputation for years. As an epiphany moment the two think of helping each other destroy their respective enemies.

This is when the movie really comes together but this takes a bit of time to get to. The first quarter of the movie is a bit of a sludge to get through but as the movie progresses it becomes more interesting.

Each scene will peel a layer of deception and reveal more about our characters. In some ways this movie sort of becomes more of a mystery than anything else. I guess it's a bit like the movie Cruel Intentions which stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and they had her play the principal at this school.

In that sense I can see why there is weird chemistry between Drea and Eleanor. They make you think one way but then kind of pivot you into another direction. That's kind of what I liked about this movie. They're able to keep me guessing throughout the end of the movie. I really liked this direction and it made it feel different from your usual teen drama.

The whole cast did a fantastic job in bringing their characters into life. I thought the Max character was absolutely vile but loved how they made us hate him. Drea and Eleanor were spot on in keeping us guessing where the movie was going.

I also liked the fact that they didn't tip toe into the fact that everyone in this movie is vile. They've all done horrible things and they all have to own up to their horrific acts. There are a lot of bad things that happen in this movie and I'm sure in other teen movies this stuff usually gets brushed off as nothing. Thankfully movies are starting to address the circumstances to their actions.

Overall, I had a pretty good time with this movie. Again I would say that the pacing of the first portion of this movie was a bit of a slow start. Then again they kind of needed it to put the players in place and the misdirections firing at us. If you stick it out you're in for a pretty good ride albeit a one time affair. That's why I have to give this movie a 7 out of 10. Check this one out because it's different from the rest. It's a nice breathe of fresh air.


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I have tons of opinions that change constantly. I watch a lot of movies and play video games. There are some articles on my struggles with languages and dance as well.

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