My Review of 'Bill Burr: Paper Tiger'

Bill Burr has a new Netflix special out. This is what I thought of it.

My Review of 'Bill Burr: Paper Tiger'

Netflix has been killing it recently with the Netflix comedy specials. They came out with Aziz Ansari's Right Now special, which was really good. Then they came out with Dave Chappelle's Sticks and Stones which was amazing as well. Now they've released Bill Burr's Paper Tiger special.

Bill Burr is a guy that's been very politically incorrect from the very beginning. I remember taking a girl to a Bill Burr stand-up set and all I could think of was that she was going to hate his comedy. I don't know whether she truly liked the stand-up or not, but sometimes I cringe at some of the stuff that he talks about—but he is not afraid to go there.

Fast-forward to today, and Bill Burr is the same guy that we all love. He speaks from the heart and tells us his honest opinion of things with no filter. I really don't know how he gets away with some of the stuff he says, but he explains it so well that maybe people are okay with it?

I talked about Aziz Ansari and Dave Chappelle releasing their specials before Bill Burr, and I think there was a reason for this. It seems as though each special that Netflix released, the comedian got more and more unfiltered. Aziz's set was funny and great but it seemed like a set that was heavily filtered to become palatable to a broader audience. I thought it was because of the scandal that he was in during the past year.

Dave Chappelle came out with his after Aziz, and his was heavily unfiltered but I had a sense that it could have been way worse. He went into some socially sensitive subjects and has gotten flack for the topics that he decided to talk about.

Bill Burr comes out with his new special and it is totally outrageous. Chappelle got flack for his last special, I don't know how Bill Burr would go unscathed in his. He might get away with it because of the way he explains his jokes though. Whenever Burr talks about his jokes, he would go into a preemptive discussion of how his mind works and has the audience understand where he's coming from before he delivers the punchline of his jokes. I think that maybe this might be his saving grace for talking about such controversial things.

Is the special good? I belly laughed at a lot of the jokes he came up with. They all seemed genuine and relatable. I don't know how Burr does it, but he really has this way of being relatable as an everyday guy. We all can see his perspective when he tells his jokes, and so we're all in on the jokes.

He's also an artist when it comes to thinking outside the box. He has certain perspectives that we don't really think about, but are obvious when he exposes the situations in his jokes. It's really fun to be mind blown in some of the discussions he comes up with.

Overall, I really liked this special. In my opinion, it's probably the best comedy special that Netflix has released so far this year. Bill Burr is a master storyteller that is able to somehow grant the audience a glimpse into his perspective in life. We see how he makes his mistakes. He continues to give us countless examples of how he's a horrible person but makes the audience love him anyways. I will have to give this comedy special a 10 out of 10. The timing and rhythm of the special was great. He never seemed to miss a beat throughout the special.

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