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My Marvel Cinematic Universe experience.

how I became a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan

By Jessica HowardPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I have just started writing on vocal and I recently was sent an email from vocal a story called 'The perfect order to watch the Marvel Cinematic universe (MCU) movies by Jonathan Sim and it has inspired me to write a story on my Marvel Cinematic universe experience.

I wasn't into the Marvel movies I watched The Avengers when it released on DVD but hadn't watched any of the others until my friend dragged me to the cinema to see Thor the dark world in 2013 which I enjoyed and later that night when I got home I turned on free to air TV and Thor the first movie was on so I ended up watching it. Sometime later the next one I saw also on free to air TV was Captain America the first Avenger and I loved it but still didn't watch any of the others until the release of Avengers age of Ultron in 2015 when I took my nephew to see it and we both loved it so started my experience in the Marvel Cinematic Universe later that night my nephew and I were getting dinner and he asked if we could rent a movie on which he asked if I had seen Guardians of the Galaxy which I had not so that was the next one. When returning Guardians of the Galaxy I saw Captain America The Winter Soldier so I watched that one which I loved as much as the first Captain America movie and so it begun next came Captain America Civil War, Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2, Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther and Avengers infinity war in 2018. In 2019 Captain Marvel and Avengers End Game were released upon which it became obvious to me that I was finally in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that I had missed a few of the earlier movies but I wasn't that obsessed it wasn't until I subscribed to Disney+ that I became a complete Marvel Cinematic Universe 100% fan because there were ones I hadn't seen and many I had seen so I watched Iron man movies, incredible hulk, Antman, Doctor Strange and of course Spiderman comes home and Antman and Wasp once released on Disney+ once I watched all of those I went back and watched ones I had already seen and than in 2019 saw Captain Marvel, Avengers End Game at Cinemas missed Spiderman far from home but I rented it on google play which completed all of them until the next ones are released.

So now I can't seem to get enough of them that I have watched all the X-men movies including the the latest one 'The New Mutants' So now I wait for the release of 'Black Widow' which was suppose to come out last year but was not released due to Corona Virus so now I wait to see if it released in cinemas this year or goes straight to Disney+ I hope it is good Black widow was always my favorite Avenger.

So that is my story on how I became a Marvel Cinematic Universe 100% fan and how I will continue to be a 100% fan forever I hope, So thank you for reading my story and hope it inspires others.

So now to which ones I loved alot and which ones I didn't love so much:

I loved Captain America the first Avenger, Captain America the Winter Soldier, the incredible Hulk, Thor, Thor the dark world, The Avengers, Avengers the age of ultron, Avengers infinity war, Avengers End Game, Captain Marvel and I am hoping the Black Widow is good, These ones were just so action packed and I loved the stories to them.

The ones I wasn't to keen on: Iron man 1.2.3, Guardians of the Galaxy 1,2 I found the Guardians of the Galaxy ones were good in some bits but quiet silly in others, Doctor Strange and Black Panther I just couldn't really get into, As for the Spiderman ones I thought that they were a little all over the place and couldn't really get into them either, as for Antman, Antman and Wasp they rated in the just okay section.

So that is my vote on the ones I liked and the ones that I wasn't too sure about, how about you? What were the ones you liked and didn't like!!!!


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