'My Little Pony' Episodes: Halloween Edition

Nightmare Night, What a Fright, Give Me Something Sweet to Bite

'My Little Pony' Episodes: Halloween Edition

Follow the cast of My Little Pony this Nightmare Night season with monsters, mysteries, scares, and adventures to be found around every corner.

"Luna Eclipsed"—(S2E4)

Princess Luna visits Ponyville on Nightmare Night in hopes of getting reacquainted with her subjects, after a 1,000 year absence. Upon her arrival she bestows fear into the locals with her booming voice, demanding presence, and resemblance to Nightmare Moon. Feeling alone and rejected, Luna ends Nightmare Night forever, until she discovers the importance the holiday holds for her subjects.

"Sleepless in Ponyville"—(S3E6)

Scootaloo joins the apple sister’s camping trip in hopes of impressing Rainbow Dash. When scary stories are told around the fire, Scootaloo becomes scared and takes extensive measures to not let it show. Scootaloo must learn to face her fears and identify the biggest fear of them all.

"Castle Mane-ia"—(S4E3)

The mane six explore the depths of the Castle of the Two Sisters unbeknownst to each other. Secret passageways, crumbling walls, and with the Pony of Shadows possibly roaming the halls, the scare meter is high. Has the ancient castle gone to their heads or does the Pony of Shadows really exist?


Vampire bats are taking over Sweet Apple Acres, right at the start of apple bucking season. Fluttershy offers up a solution to help both Applejack and the bats, only to have her plan swapped out with one more to Applejack’s liking. The bats quickly become the least of their worries, when Fluttershy turns into a vampire bat.

"Power Ponies"—(S4E6)

Spike gets his friends sucked into an enchanted comic book, turning them all into the Power Ponies. The Mane-iac is intent on turning all of Maretropalis into hair crazed maniacs. The Power Ponies need Spikes help, more than he realizes, if they ever hope to escape the comic book.

"Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?"—(S5E13)

Princess Luna has created a creature called the Tantabus to punish herself for all her wrongdoings as Nightmare Moon. The Tantabus moves from dream to dream, leaving nightmares in its wake. The mane six and the residents of Ponyville try to help keep the Tantabus from escaping into the real world, but only Luna has the key to stop it.

"Scare Master"—(S5E21)

Fluttershy joins in the festivities of Nightmare Night, only to miss the whole point of the holiday. Still not wanting to give up on Nightmare Night entirely, Fluttershy takes up a new role to try and scare her friends. Nightmare Night might have just gotten a whole lot scarier.

"28 Pranks Later"—(S6E15)

Rainbow Dash is known for her elaborate pranks around Ponyville, but lately, it has gotten out of hand. In attempts to pull a prank like no other, Rainbow Dash switches cookies being sold by the Cutie Mark Crusaders with her customized joke cookies. Upon waiting for the reactions of her prank victims, it becomes clear that something is terribly and frighteningly wrong.

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