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My Hero Academia Paranormal Liberation War Ark Recap Part-1

by Carlos Guerra 3 months ago in comics

A Summary of The Last Chapter in the Rise Of Villains Saga

[Warning: Anime fans have the opportunity to see into the future of their beloved shows in a sense, due to the capability of reading ahead in their respective manga version. While it may be a privilege that is really only available to anime fans alone (comics being the closest thing that compares to this luxury), it can easily turn out to be a problem for fans that don't wan't to hear about any spoilers. Some fans don't want to know a single detail until they are able to see everything unfold for themselves. If you are the kind of fan that fits that description than stop reading now! This is part 1 of the The Great War Ark recap and we will be going over every key moment that takes place through out the course of the 50+ chapters that make up what is arguably the greatest story line of the series thus far.]


The Ark kicks off at the start of the new year, with the students of class 1-A returning from their second round of work studies. Ida, as charismatic as usual, greets his classmates with happy new year greetings. Then immediately instructs them to change into their hero costumes and be prepared to display everything that they learned during their work studies. Mr. Aizawa then enters the class room, several students greeting him upon his entrance. Ida informs his teacher that he had already briefed the class with their instructions, as he had been requested to do. The class is already making their way for the changing rooms to gear up. However, before Aizawa gets the chance to begin the days lessons, he receives a phone call from the faculty office.

In the Females changing room, all the girls seem to take notice of the changes Ochaco Uraraka (Uravity) made to her costume. Kyoka Jiro (Earphone Jack) comments on how heavy the new wrist guards look and Ochaco replied by showing off the wire she included to nullify the weight. Then, while Mina Ashido (Pinky) is playing around with one of them, something falls out of it and lands on the floor. It's the All-Might doll that Deku had given her for Christmas. Embarrassed, she quickly picks it back up and puts it away. Mina noticed it fall but pretended like she hadn't.

Over at the boys locker room, Deku was also receiving acknowledgment from his classmates. Although the reasons for the compliments were for his new ability and how his dedicated training to master was paying off. Although, the positive attention is then suddenly interrupted when Katski Bakugo hits Deku in the head with his mask. Izuku falls over bleeding, leaving the rest of the guys with their jaws dropped in disbelief. The students finish changing into their hero costumes and start heading outside ready to get today's lesson underway. To their surprise however, instead of meeting back up with Mr. Aizawa, they spot All Might waiting for them, making cotton candy. He attempts to greet the students with a joke but it completely goes over their heads. One of them asks him where Mr. Aizawa was and why he wasn't here; to which he replies by saying that Aizawa had an emergency to attend to.

At that same moment, Aizawa and Present Mic are riding inside a car bound for Tartarus Prison. Both teachers are curious about whether or not the request for their presence is nothing more than a misunderstanding and Aizawa makes his frustration known. As they arrive, the pair are welcomed by both Gran Torino and Naomasa Tsukauchi. Guiding them inside the prison, Tsukauchi reminds them the purpose for the Nomu's Creation; engineering them to have more than one quirk. However, due to the destroyed state of bot their hearts and brains, they are not considered to be living beings but rather mindless zombies. At least not until recently.., a recent discovery has thrown what they thought they knew into question.

The group then enter a cell, where they have placed Kurogiri, the right-hand man of AFO's successor Shigaraki himself. Tsukauchi informs them of their recent attempts to interrogate the League of Villains member. Unfortunately, they haven't had any success as Kurogiri shuts down whenever questioned about the league, only speaking about useless things. Aizawa grows impatient and asks what's going on. In which Gran Torino responds by informing him that the villains "Warp Gate" quirk isn't just one but actually the combination of two. The root quirk appears to be identical to the ability of someone from both his and Present Mics past. Their former classmate and friend, Oboro Shirakumo.

Aizawa remembers the day of his friends death, when he had been crushed under a collapsing building; along with the promise the three of them had made to start their own agency together shortly before. Tsukauchi explains how they believe that Kurogiri is in fact a Nomu that has been created with Oboro's body as the base. Present Mic appears dumbfounded as he struggles to understand what he had just learned. While Gran Torino thinks about how All For One had once said that the best Quirks had always clustered around U.A. High, believing that he switched out the body before it was cremated. Aizawa, still frustrated, demands to know why it is they have called them to be there, mockingly asking if they really believe that Kurogiri can be saved through the power of friendship. Tsukauchi replies by informing him that, in fact, was their idea; supporting it with their discovery that the elite Nomu High End, the villain Endeavor had defeated, was originally a cage fighter that had been committed to being the best. Their was a chance that those that are used as the Nomu's base may be able to retain a part of their former identities. Aizawa points out the fact that Kurogiri didn't seem to recognize him during the USJ incident, to which Tsukauchi informs him that it was likely they had erased his memories because of Oboro's friendship with the two teachers. He goes onto to state that they desired to make an attempt to use that past relationship in order to extract information about the league, primarily Shigaraki's whereabouts.

Moments later, Kurogiri began to wake from the sedatives, thus beginning the interrogation. The first thing Kurogiri says is how he hasn't seen Aizawa since the USJ incident. Aizawa had his erasure quirk focused on Kurogiri but Present Mic noticed that this had no effect on the black smoke that surrounded his body; he thought that this must mean that the smoke is apart of his actual body but he just wanted to find any answer to doubt this was his friend. Kurogiri asks about Shigaraki's well being but the question is ignored. Instead, Aizawa asks the Villain if he missed Tomura. He responded by saying that watching over him was his mission and he isn't the type to abandon others. Aizawa asks Kurogiri if he remembers the time Oboro stopped to help a wounded animal without hesitation. He continues asking these kind of questions repeatedly, after a few moments Present Mic joins his friend in asking them too. Eventually Kurogiri is effected and the heroes don't waste the opportunity as they ask the location of Shigaraki. To which they are given a Response only a word long.., hospital.

Class 1-A doesn't waste a minute, as each student begins showing off the moves they had created during their work studies. Aiyama slashes things up with his "Naval Saber" and Ashido displays her new "Acid Man" technique. Kiroshima (Hero name: Red Riot) complimented Ashido on her new attack, he says that he likes the fact that Acid Man" is like her version of his special move "Unbreakable". The class then goes around talking about which pro hero they did their work study with and the knowledge and skills that they were able to gain from the experience. Tokoyamai remained with Hawks, Yayurozu completed her work study with top 10 hero Mr. Majestic, Kiroshima stayed with Fat Gum, and Deku, Todoroki, and Bakugo all completed their work studies with the new #1 hero, Endeavor. As Deku is showcasing his new moves, All Might begins to think about some of his earlier experiences with the him, how hard it had been for him and how he never even thought about giving up and kept fighting for his dream. All Might remembers how in those early days Midoriya had been so desperate for his teachers approval, noticing how that's no longer the case, that Midoriya has out grown his need for it. The thought of how much his successor has grown since the beginning puts a smile on his face.

After class, All Might, Deku, and Bakugo meet to discuss their progress and the previous users of OFA. All Might informs the two young heroes that he failed to find out any details about the 2nd and 3rd holders. Bakugo brags to Deku about how he will be advancing while Deku trains to master the quirk of 7th user and All Mights Sensai, Nana Shimora. An ability he says his explosions granted him already and so this is putting him ahead. Bakugo also comments on how they all seem like a losers and All Might explains that the former owners of One For All were chosen based on how much they could be trusted, not how strong their abilities were. All For One killed any of the strong heroes that went against him, which is most likely a huge part of the reason most of the previous wielders died at younger ages. Shortly after, they call their private meeting to an end and the boys head back to their dorms.

That Concludes part 1 of the My Hero Academia's Paranormal War Ark recap, stay tuned for the release of part 2 very soon.


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